Highlights ”New Designers Awards” 2016 in Athens #AXDW

Nobody gets you closer to the backstage action at fashion shows than La Moda Channel. Athens Xclusive Designers Week is one of the most interesting fashion weeks to attend – the whole event is essentially packed into four days. We arrived one day before, got ready, and there we were: ready for four days full of shows, events, meetings etc. How exciting is that? Even more so when it is your first time there, like it was for me! Since my phone didn’t work without WiFi (hello technology), Iro Karadimou, the Executive PR and her great sense of direction helped me a lot and we still managed to attend everything and (almost) always on time. One of the most important day was dedicated to ”New Designers Awards” and because we love emerging designers and their workaholic sense we’ll see exclusive pictures by La Moda Channel  and what you need to know about the future talents of Greece:

Photo Credits: @lamodachannel

New Designers Awards is an institution that offers the opportunity to new talents to present their work to the fashion crowd and public, while competing for 3 important awards: Best Catwalk, Best Trend-Setter and Best New Designer.

Photo Credits: @lamodachannel

The participants presented mini collections of 10 outfits each, in groups of 3 designers per show and they were judged by a respectful jury of established fashion designers, buyers and fashion media representatives from Greece and abroad.

Model on backstage at Valia Kastrouny | Photo Credits: @lamodachannel

After ten years old the New Designers Awards has fast become one of fashion’s most prestigious competitions in Eastern Europe. This brings the breaking news of 2016’s finalists, whittled down from a shortlist of nine emerging designers.

Backstage Ioannis Roumeliotis – Best Trend Setter #AXDW 2016 | Photo Credits: @lamodachannel


 Ioannis Roumeliotis’s name is deeply connected with every aspect of contemporary art, from direction, fashion design, graphic design, interior and exterior architecture to performance art, photography, video art, experimental and fiction film. With Bachelors and Masters of Arts as well as scholarships at reputable universities of the world’s metropoles such as Berlin University of the Arts (Universität der Künste, UdK), California Institute of the Arts (CalArt), London and Seoul, Ioannis returns to his mother-country to give another form to his ideas, dreams and personal beliefs, transubstantiating his creativity into high quality clothes, accessories and other fashion objects, covering the contemporary body with art pieces. Mad TV announced him as the ‘Best New Greek Fashion Designer’ in 2015 and at the Madwalk event organized by the channel, Ioannis presented one of the most talked-about and innovative acts of the night.

Winner Best Trend Setter #AXDW 2016


Backstage Ioannis Roumeliotis – Best Trend Setter #AXDW 2016 | Photo Credits: @lamodachannel 
Backstage Valia Kastrouny – Finalist ”New Designers Awards” #AXDW 2016 | Photo Credits: @lamodachannel

The designer Valia Kastrouny was born on the island of Paros.  From a very young age she loved art and found ways to express herself through fashion design. During her studies in photography and audiovisual arts at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens, she was given the opportunity to attend a semester of Fashion Design in the Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia in Italy.

Backstage Valia Kastrouny – Finalist ”New Designers Awards” #AXDW 2016 | Photo Credits: @lamodachannel
Fun with a model on backstage at Valia Kastrouny #AXDW 2016 | Photo Credits: @lamodachannel
Backstage Valia Kastrouny – Finalist ”New Designers Awards” #AXDW 2016 | Photo Credits: @lamodachannel
Backstage Athens Designer – Best Catwalk #AXDW 2016 | Photo Credits: @lamodachannel

Athina Karatzogianni, inspired by the Greek folk art and tradition and especially by the Greek traditional costume, Athena through research on Greek folk techniques is creating garments, mixing them up with the techniques of embroidery and modern clothing production. Starting point of her collections is Greek tradition worked with contemporary elements.

athene designer.jpg
Best Catwalk ”New Designers Awards” #AXDW 2016 | Photo Credits: Studio Panoulis

But let’s see the guide to 2016’s finalists at New Designers Awards at Athens Xclusive Designers through Studio Panoulis’s perspective:

Best New Designer: Vicky Panetsou 

Vicky Panetsou is 30 years old and she lives in Thessaloniki. She wanted to occupy with the fashion design from a very young age. She attended fashion design and History of Art courses. Her inspiration is the theater and the cinema and over recent years she engaged in Digital Fashion Design.

Photo Credits: Studio Panoulis

Pinelopi Ralli

Α new talented designer that studied fashion design and in the summer 2016 she has made her first collection with swimming costumes and beachwear. The prints of fabrics are entirely hers, stamped and seamed in Greece. She keeps an atelier at Kolonaki square and she has e-shop with her collection on chosen clothes shop.

Photo Credits: Studio Panoulis

Marianna Damianou

 The designer, born in Cyprus, studied Education Studies at the Liverpool John Moores University and got her Master’s degree at the Leeds University. She practiced her teaching skills for a year but her passion for creativity and the fashion world led her to AKTO School of Design in Athens, to study Fashion Designer. She loves embroideries, lace, airy fabrics and her innovation is to emphasize the feminine silhouette.

Photo Credits: Studio Panoulis


In ancient Greek mythology Nymph (Nymphē) was a female deity of nature typically associated with a particular landform. Different from goddesses, nymphs were generally regarded as divine spirits who animated nature, and were usually depicted as beautiful, young maidens who love to dance and sing; Valia Georgiadi is the Greek designer behind Nymphē swimwear brand and she studied Architecture in the Polytechnic School of Patra; then went to London for a Master in Arts, in the Architectural Association of London. Simultaneously she attended Graphic Design courses at the famous Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London as she strongly believes that an architect should have a global view in the field of aesthetics and artistic expression.

Photo Credits: Studio Panoulis

Argiro Kalliafa

The designer was born in 1991 and raised in Messolonghi. From 2008 to 2011 she studied Marketing and at the same time Fashion Design in AKTO. Her first professional recognition came in 2010, in the second academic year of college, when she took part in an international contest, organized by the company “Triumph”, where her sketch was distinguished among the 25 best designs. Argiro is working for Toi&moi, one of the best greek fashion companies.

Photo Credits: Studio Panoulis 

Matina J Skarou 

The designer, 23 years old, launched her second womenswear collection ‘LIGHT FOS’. Matina is specilised in Textile Print Design with works ranging from print to illustration to pattern cutting to womenswear design to knitwear. In 2014, Matina graduated from the three year BA (Hons) Fashion Textile course at the London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London. For the following year Matina remained in Central London where she worked as a part of the studios of Claire Barrow and Zoe Jordan. In 2015 Matina returned to her home city of Athens, Greece, where she began work on her own label and launched her first womenswear collection ‘AYLON’. She went on to collaborate with the Foundation of the Hellenic World Centre (HWC) to create Scarves and a collection of Clutch bags, Winter 2015. The Clutch bags are currently stocked at the HWC and the B&M Theocharakis Foundation.

Photo Credits: Studio Panoulis


Photo Credits: @lamodachannel



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