MIMIKRA Jewelry – Crosses, origami, worlds that open, metallic prosthesis and surreal forms at Balkan Fashion Week 

Mimikra is a range of jewellery for women showcasing an extremely original, surreal style, created by Kinga Sulej from Poland. Crosses, origami, worlds that open, metallic prosthesis and surreal forms and eyes are the stars of her creations in black, gold and silver. Through her ironic and disquieting designs, Kinga Sulej exorcises the memory of childhood games and fables, drawing inspiration from Surrealism and the Neo-Gothic. The company’s name – Mimikra – refers to a natural phenomenon of mimicry. It happens when vulnerable creatures assume forms that make them appear dangerous. We specialize in large and spatial pieces of jewellery that are at the same time very light and delicate. The jewellery is inspired by outlandish and original forms in the world of nature. The design is modern and geometric, resembling origami figures and executed in fine silver sheet. All pieces are hand-made and patinated to emphasize their unique character. It results in bold, inimitable and disturbing forms. Mimikra was part of the showroom ar Balkan Fashion Week, at the same time part of the fashion editorial story ‘’BLACK BLESSED’’ shot by Gabriele Di Martino Photographer from Milan and Kasia Borowicz, famous model, TV Presenter for World Fashion Channel in Milan and Paris Fashion Week and fashion contributor of ELLE Magazine from Poland.

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