TSCOF presents #NewTalentsXFeeric Project with international upcoming designers at Feeric Fashion Week


#TSCOF by Myra Postolache

The Secret Code Of Fashion is an international platform specialized in public relations and brand strategy agency based in Milan and curates year-round events based on fashion scout that connects new talents in fashion industry with visionary brand partners like Feeric Fashion Week. The owner of #TSCOF Agency, Myra Postolache, shapes and communicates the unique visions of new talents involved in her projects, she has a deep understanding of the dynamic cultural landscape, combined with an intuition that anticipates industry innovation. She creates a dialogue between brands and their target audiences that is integrated across print, broadcast and digital media. Myra Postolache is also a fashion contributor for Vogue Italia, New Talents section and at the same time is in charge of the writers who report on current fashion trends and the latest news from the fashion industry on various fashion magazines. Her background like human resources manager for more than 10 years for a multinational company in Italy, helped her to develop creative instructional planning in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Leadership and Communication Skills also for fashion start-ups. Her mission is to support emerging designers from fashion industry and thanks to her relationships with various leaders from this industry amplify the scouting concept for emerging talents to international catwalks and important trade shows in the world.

Four years ago, Feeric Fashion Week was becoming the most important fashion festival for Myra Postolache, when she attended for the first time, thanks to the spectacular unique fashion shows, completely different from the traditional ones. Thus, few years later, when Feeric Fashion Week became the most important fashion week in Eastern Europe with more than 50 international designers from all around the world, Myra Postolache decided to bring her new platform dedicated to new talents from fashion industry at Feeric Fashion Week through her branding agency, The Secret Code Of Fashion from Milan. For the 10th Anniversary of Feeric Fashion Week, Myra Postolache brings fashion students and emerging designers from different European countries like Poland, Bulgaria, France or United Kingdom.

  1. Designer: Amy Louise Penny – Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton, United Kingdom

Brand: Amy Penny | Womenswear

‘Amy Penny is a contemporary fashion designer graduating from Winchester School of Art (University of Southampton). Her work blends a unique range of inspirations ranging through sportswear, evening wear, period clothing and contemporary style to encompass a unique and modern edge. In each of her projects, Amy Penny uses strong themes, often revolving around issues of feminism, and aims to bring a sense of empowerment to the wearer. Amy Penny’s bold, red, graduate collection entitled ‘I Never Looked Good In Red…’ was inspired by the novel The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. Using this influence and attempting to combine it with a contemporary feel, this collection aims to highlight issues of feminism whilst remaining wearable and empowering to the wearer.’’


amy louise penny - winchester

  1. Designer Andrada Bodea – London College of Fashion, United Kingdom

Brand: Andrada Bodea | Womenswear

Andrada Bodea is a contemporary urbanwear fashion label based in London. Bodea designs gender neutral, ready-to-wear clothing with great attention to detail. The label strongly believes in vegan, ethically produced fashion. Born in Transylvania, Andrada Bodea went on to study at the London College of Fashion. After graduating from the Fashion Design Womenswear course in 2016, she went on to intern at the fashion label JUDY WU. Soon after, Bodea decided to launch her own label in the vibrant city, London. Her graduation collection is entitled PROTOTYPE, a name that reflects an original type which serves as a standard but at the same time it symbolizes newness and uniqueness. The collection is inspired by an underground culture with a dystopian dark futuristic twist. By deconstructing functional fashion and accessories and fusing it with sportswear, Bodea creates an industrial urban nymph look, futuristic but lived-in, distressed contrasting with fine luxurious fabrics and details. The rebellious nature of the collection has a conceptual feel and merges masculinity with femininity creating a glamour meets grunge story. The juxtapose between structural and geometrical shapes blended with the relaxed streetwear look work to achieve an edgy collection.Andrada Bodea’s brand philosophy is to create a platform for identities who have a divergent state of mind and dares the individual to think differently.


andrada bodea

  1. Boryana Petrova – New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria

Brand: BoryanaPetrova | Womenswear

Boryana Petrova has strong interdisciplinary background in art with a Bachelor’s degree in Painting (National Academy of Arts) and Masters’ in Digital Arts (NAA) as well as Fashion and Business strategies (New Bulgarian University). The inspiration behind the brand BoryanaPetrova comes from the field of visual arts, but it speaks of present day subjects, such as technolog- ical progress, biomimetics and environmental issues. The designs stand out with innovative color usage and the integration of electronic components and external to the body elements like light, wind or magnetic fields. The form and patterns presented by the brand are crafted through traditional garment and textile construction techniques and are influenced by nature, civilization and history of art. Petrova’s first collection – Biotrace, is inspired by images of microbes under a microscope. The color palette is influenced by Impressionism and Neoimpressionism in painting and the patterns – by Glitch and Pop art. The textiles are covered in neon prints and silicone tubes which glow under black light and in the dark, much like some strains of microbes. The silhouette and tailoring patterns are a take on the typical tomboy look – bomber jacket and oversize trousers, but combined with round shoulders, pleats and tight waist. The merging of these elements, normative for both men’s and women’s cloth- ing, gives women the chance to find their identity, wherever in the full gender spectrum that might be. The materials used in the collection are wool, cotton and polyester. The Biotrace collection was first shown at the end of May as part of Fashion Forecast 2018, the graduate fashion show for New Bulgarian Univer- sity’s Master Program in Fashion and Business Strategies. A few weeks later it was presented a an individual show during Balkan Fashion Week 2017.


boryana petrova tscof

  1. Jagoda Bartczak – International School of Costume and Fashion Design, Warsaw, Poland

Brand: Jagoda Bartczak | Womenswear

Jagoda Bartczak- fashion designer who is not afraid of experimentation and create her own ways and solutions. She try to change the classic understanding of proportion and cross the border between fashion and art.She is a graduate of MSKPU, Warsaw. Her diploma collection- Different 1 was awarded by Mariusz Przybylski, Maciej Zień, DYKF and LPP S.A. Jagoda is the winner of Fashion category during 10th edition of Art & Fashion Forum by Grażyna Kulczyk, finalist of AFF2015, semifinalist of Off Kielce 2016, OFF Fashion Kielce 2017 and Designer Fashion Awards 2016. Her looks are published in Elle, Hiro magazine, Lounge Magazine, LNE magazine, Northside magazine. Some designs were also used in Top Model Poland- reality show. Different1 concept appeared during discussion about diversity. It is inspired by uncommon Fka Twigs music, unused newspaper, unpredictability of collage art and the power of transformation. The collections contains 9 avant-garde silhouettes full of colorful extraordinary prints and 3d embellishments. The forms are overdrawn for example there are dresses with unnatural long sleeves or oversize fur coat. Clothes are made mostly of printed cotton. The pallete of colors leans on black, white and red. The most characteristic aspects for Different1 collection are author collage(newspaper, painting) prints, 3d embroideries and fake fur made of hundreds pieces of drawstring.


jagoda bartczak tscof

  1. Kinga Sulej – Wytwornia Antidotum Jewelry Design School, Warsaw, Poland

Brand: Mimikra | Jewelry

The company’s name – Mimikra – refers to a natural phenomenon of mimicry. It happens when vulnerable creatures assume forms that make them appear dangerous. We specialize in large and spatial pieces of jewellery that are at the same time very light and delicate. The jewellery is inspired by outlandish and original forms in the world of nature. The design is modern and geometric, resembling origami figures and executed in fine silver sheet. All pieces are hand-made and patinated to emphasize their unique character. It results in bold, inimitable and disturbing forms.



  1. Tsvetalina Atanasova – National Academy of Art, Sofia, Bulgaria

Brand: Roses of the Queen’s Dog | Womenswear & Menswear

Roses of the Queen’s Dog is a Bulgarian fashion brand based in Sofia, Bulgaria. The brand starts its life in March 2017 with poetical, flamboyant collection under the brand’s name.  ROSES OF THE QUEEN’S DOG is a poetical, enchanting and picturesque collection named after the label. Perfectly beautiful and mystically surrounded with thorns, the rose protects, when entangled in barrier walls. Here is where the symbolical connection with the contemporary person is represented. Lost his ground under his feet, uncertain and somehow destined to imperfection.

Colors of red, blue, white, yellow, green and brown form three dimensional pictures and the style is a fresh youth eclectic between the vanguard, sporty and classical patterns with a fresh wink. The presentation of the collection is inspired by the beautiful allegoric Dutch still lifes from the 17th. century. The topics of the opulence, of the magnificence and the general transcience in the world are now represented by the modern design which reverts the sent messages.



  1. Ruben Bissoli – Studio Bercot, Fashion Design Institute, Paris, France

Brand: 8IGB Community Clothing | Menswear

8IGB community clothing is a skate lifestyle inspired apparel brand, based on graphic parodies and dual meaning slogans which often have a spicy twist and a sexual component coming from the outside world, very influenced by Matt Lambert’s photos. 8IGB community clothing was born in a small building at #8 of a little alley in the 18th district of Paris; 8IGB actually stands for 8 Impasse Grosse Bouteille. This building is the most utopian place ever seen, it’s where people live with open doors, where every neighbor is a best friend, where you never feel lonely, where you can paint, read or enjoy a beer together in the courtyard, where there is always an extra place for whom wants to join in. Our philosophy is, open doors, open hearts and open bar… 8IGB community clothing’s concept comes from the desire to give a very intimate and free dimension to clothes, with a certain love for bad taste mixed with a poetical and decadent view of life. Easy shapes for difficult prints. On the back of each piece you will find the slogan «I don’t match», which is the way we feel about society and different tribes. We don’t match any category. On the other hand the little wooden stick with the typical red head called “match», is an object that is close to us and illustrates us very well, all similar but all different, like in a matchbox, small, nice and friendly but if you scratch it will burn. That’s why we choose to place a real match stitched under our logo on each item.


8IGB community clothing’s 1st collection wants to take us to explore mental complexity and especially nowadays mental weaknesses through graphic manipulations and a sarcasm. 8IGB uses the logo manipulation of very famous brands coming from different domains to highlights the fact that addictions are hidden behind these desirable and colorful graphics that are there to make us ” want it”. The brand decided to concentrate on addictions and obsessions that are less explored and are very typical of our time like money, sneakers, chocolate or sex. For the show there will be 2 different axes mixed together, rehab center and gay sauna, two apparently opposite elements but so similar in the way people walk around with no destination desperately looking for an issue to satiate a powerful need. The show starts with a very pared-down outfit symbolizing the growing awareness of things, continues with a clinical atmosphere that shades off to gradually leave room to Looks where the addictions take more and more control. The mix of very industrially made pieces with very rough hand made pieces in 8IGB community clothing collection materializes the eternal fight between outside and inside world.



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