Biotrace FW17 by BoryanaPetrova was all about technological progress in fashion at Feeric Fashion Week 

New Talent: BoryanaPetrova | FW17 | Biotrace 

University: New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria

Jewelry: Mimikra, Poland

Since fashion has always reflected changes in social life and made use of technological progress, even today, designers are actively more interested in new inventions and find the most unpredictable adaptation of their ideas. While the styles, processes, materials and techniques of generations past find themselves endlessly recycled in the name of “heritage,” cutting-edge technology is so often viewed with the same skepticism reserved for cute novelty and cheap gimmicks. But as much of an iceberg as the fashion industry is, there are increasing signs that it’s warming not only to the idea of game-changing new technology, but its real-life potential to advance what we wear, how it’s designed, manufactured and marketed to the world as well. 

There’s a new wave of innovators more concerned with impacting fashion on an everyday level, far away from the sensationalist headlines of the tabloid press and one of them is Boryana Petrova. We were more than proud to have her part of our project #NewTalentsXFeeric at Feeric, the greatest fashion week in Eastern Europe, but many voices from international press started to say that is the most creative fashion event in the world. We say this because the most spectacular fashion shows are around Sibiu, a beautiful small town from Transylvania, Romania. We experienced this through our fashion show with new talents in a spectacular place, a STONE QUARRY. For us and our creative new talents was like “THE PLACE TO BE”. 

Boryana Petrova has strong interdisciplinary background in art with a Bachelor’s degree in Painting (National Academy of Arts) and Masters’ in Digital Arts (NAA) as well as Fashion and Business strategies (New Bulgarian University). The inspiration behind the brand BoryanaPetrova comes from the field of visual arts, but it speaks of present day subjects, such as technological progress, biomimetics and environmental issues. 

Photo: Cornel Petrus, Feeric Fashion Week

The designs stand out with innovative color usage and the integration of electronic components and external to the body elements like light, wind or magnetic fields. The form and patterns presented by the brand are crafted through traditional garment and textile construction techniques and are influenced by nature, civilization and history of art. 

Photo: Feeric Fashion Week 

Petrova’s first collection – Biotrace, is inspired by images of microbes under a microscope. The color palette is influenced by Impressionism and Neoimpressionism in painting and the patterns – by Glitch and Pop art. The textiles are covered in neon prints and silicone tubes which glow under black light and in the dark, much like some strains of microbes. The silhouette and tailoring patterns are a take on the typical tomboy look – bomber jacket and oversize trousers, but combined with round shoulders, pleats and tight waist. 

Photo: De Bona Virgil, Feeric Fashion Week

The merging of these elements, normative for both men’s and women’s clothing, gives women the chance to find their identity, wherever in the full gender spectrum that might be. The materials used in the collection are wool, cotton and polyester. The Biotrace collection was first shown at the end of May as part of Fashion Forecast 2018 , the graduate fashion show for New Bulgarian University’s Master Program in Fashion and Business Strategies . 
RUNWAY – BoryanaPetrova FW17 – BIOTRACE

Photo Credits: Ancira Adeon

Key Make Up: Cristian Buca using Paese Cosmetics

Key Hair Style: Geta Marin Academy using GHD Romania & Wella Professionals 

Art Direction: Silvia Stefanini

Production: Mitichi | Feeric Fashion Week

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