Dutch lifestyle from the 17th century by Roses of the Queen’s Dog for FW17 at Feeric Fashion Week 

New Talent: Roses of the Queen’s Dog
University: National Academy of Art, Bulgaria

Jewelry: Mimikra, Poland

Roses of the Queen’s Dog is a Bulgarian fashion brand based in Sofia, Bulgaria and was part of #NewTalentsXFeeric Project at Feeric Fashion Week, the greatest fashion week in Eastern Europe. The brand starts its life in March 2017 with poetical, flamboyant collection under the brand’s name. ROSES OF THE QUEEN’S DOG is a poetical, enchanting and picturesque collection named after the label.

Laura Marzol, Model from Argentina in Roses of the Queen’s Dog – Photo: De Bona Virgil, Feeric Fashion Week

beautiful and mystically surrounded with thorns, the rose protects, when entangled in barrier walls. Here is where the symbolical connection with the contemporary person is represented. Lost his ground under his feet, uncertain and somehow destined to imperfection.
Colors of red, blue, white, yellow, green and brown form three dimensional pictures and the style is a fresh youth eclectic between the vanguard, sporty and classical patterns with a fresh wink.

Photo: Cornel Petrus, Feeric Fashion Week

The presentation of the collection is inspired by the beautiful allegoric Dutch lifestyle from the 17th Century. The topics of the opulence, of the magnificence and the general transcience in the world
are now represented by the modern design which reverts the sent messages.

Production: Mitichi | Feeric Fashion Week

Art Direction: Silvia Stesy Stefanini
Key Hair Style: Geta Marin Academy using Wella Professionals GHD Romania
Key Make Up: Cristian BUCA using Paese Cosmetics
Photo Credits: De Bona Virgil | Ancira Adeon | Cornel Petrus

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