About ADD ADDICTIONS and FIX FIXATIONS with 8IGB Community Clothing for FW17 at Feeric Fashion Week 

New Talent: Ruben Bissoli

University: Studio Bercot, Paris, France

Brand: 8IGB Community Clothing | Menswear

Ancira Adeon – Soul Capturing X 8IGB Community Clothing

8IGB Community Clothing was proudly part of #NewTalentsXFeeric Project at Feeric Fashion Week, the greatest fashion week in Eastern Europe, in a stone quarry transformed in RUNWAY. 8IGB is a skate lifestyle inspired apparel brand, based on graphic parodies and dual meaning slogans which often have a spicy twist and a sexual component coming from the outside world, very influenced by Matt Lambert’s photos.

Backstage 8IGB at Feeric Fashion Week – Photo: Fang Bo Hung, FY Studio, Milan


8IGB community clothing was born in a small building at #8 of a little alley in the 18th district of Paris; 8IGB actually stands for 8 Impasse Grosse Bouteille. This building is the most utopian place ever seen, it’s where people live with open doors, where every neighbor is a best friend, where you never feel lonely, where you can paint, read or enjoy a beer together in the courtyard, where there is always an extra place for whom wants to join in.

Backstage 8IGB at Feeric Fashion Week – Photo: Fang Bo Hung, FY Studio, Milan


Our philosophy is, open doors, open hearts and open bar… 8IGB community clothing’s concept comes from the desire to give a very intimate and free dimension to clothes, with a certain love for bad taste mixed with a poetical and decadent view of life.

Backstage at Feeric Fashion Week – Photo: Fang Bo Hung, FY Studio, Milan

Easy shapes for difficult prints. On the back of each piece you will find the slogan «I don’t match», which is the way we feel about society and different tribes. We don’t match any category.

On the other hand the little wooden stick with the typical red head called “match», is an object that is close to us and illustrates us very well, all similar but all different, like in a matchbox, small, nice and friendly but if you scratch it will burn. That’s why we choose to place a real match stitched under our logo on each item.

Backstage 8IGB at Feeric Fashion Week – Photo: De Bona Virgil



8IGB community clothing’s 1st collection wants to take us to explore mental complexity and especially nowadays mental weaknesses through graphic manipulations and a sarcasm.

Runway 8IGB x TSCOF at Feeric Fashion Week – Photo: De Bona Virgil


8IGB uses the logo manipulation of very famous brands coming from different domains to highlights the fact that addictions are hidden behind these desirable and colorful graphics that are there to make us ” want it”. The brand decided to concentrate on addictions and obsessions that are less explored and are very typical of our time like money, sneakers, chocolate or sex.

Lixandru Razvan Alin X 8IGB by TSCOF at Feeric Fashion Week – Photo: Cornel Petrus


For the show were 2 different axes mixed together, rehab center and gay sauna, two apparently opposite elements but so similar in the way people walk around with no destination desperately looking for an issue to satiate a powerful need. The show starts with a very pared-down outfit symbolizing the growing awareness of things, continues with a clinical atmosphere that shades off to gradually leave room to Looks where the addictions take more and more control. The mix of very industrially made pieces with very rough hand made pieces in 8IGB community clothing collection materializes the eternal fight between outside and inside world. Lixandru Razvan Alin closed the show, an “unexpected” appearance, a “different” boy, but a “ZEN” soul with so many addictions!

Production: Mitichi | Feeric Fashion Week

Art Direction: Silvia Stesy Stefanini

Key Hair Style: Geta Marin Academy using Wella Professionals GHD Romania

Key Make Up: Cristian BUCA using Paese Cosmetics

Photo Credits: Cornel Petrus Photography | Ancira Adeon

#FeericFashionWeek #TSCOF

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