Interview with Andrada Bodea, the winner of “Italian DNA” competition by IED Milano at Feeric Fashion Week 

Andrada Bodea is a contemporary urbanwear fashion label based in London and was part of our #NewTalentsXFeeric Fashion Show at Feeric Fashion Week 10th Anniversary.

Andrada Bodea designs gender neutral, ready-to-wear clothing with great attention to detail. The label strongly believes in vegan, ethically produced fashion. Born in Transylvania, Andrada Bodea went on to study at the London College of Fashion. After graduating from the Fashion Design Womenswear course in 2016, she went on to intern at the fashion label JUDY WU. Soon after, Bodea decided to launch her own label in the vibrant city, London. Her graduation collection is entitled PROTOTYPE, a name that reflects an original type which serves as a standard but at the same time it symbolizes newness and uniqueness. The collection was showcased in a Stone Quarry at Feeric Fashion Week and is inspired by an underground culture with a dystopian dark futuristic twist.

Runway Andrada Bodea X TSCOF, Feeric Fashion Week

By deconstructing functional fashion and accessories and fusing it with sportswear, Bodea creates an industrial urban nymph look, futuristic but lived-in, distressed contrasting with fine luxurious fabrics and details. The rebellious nature of the collection has a conceptual feel and merges masculinity with femininity creating a glamour meets grunge story. The juxtapose between structural and geometrical shapes blended with the relaxed streetwear look work to achieve an edgy collection.

Model Francesca Lungu – Backstage Andrada Bodea at Feeric Fashion Week. Photo: Ancira Adeon

Andrada Bodea’s brand philosophy is to create a platform for identities who have a divergent state of mind and dares the individual to think differently. Andrada Bodea is the Winner of Full Scholarship “Italian DNA” Competition by IED Milano ( Istituto Europeo di Design, Milano ) at Feeric Fashion Week and we had a conversation with her about all the vibes at the greatest fashion week in Eastern Europe.

Andrada Bodea with Derek Warburton ( left ), Giovanni Ottonello, Andrea Pozzi ( IED Milano ) and Cosmina Pasarin ( right ).

The Interview – ANDRADA BODEA 

TSCOF: We saw you celebrating the debut of your Graduation Collection “Prototype” FW17 at Feeric Fashion Week. This is a smart and difficult move at the same time from an emerging designer. Tell us more about your experience at Feeric.

Andrada: Feeric was a one of a kind experience and marks the beginning of my journey. It was amazing to have my debut in the country of birth and return to my roots.

Look #1 Andrada Bodea Runway, Feeric Fashion Week. Photo: Cornel Petrus

TSCOF: What three words best describe your design philosophy right now?

Andrada: Authenticity, individuality, ethicality

Model Francesca Lungu – Runway Andrada Bodea X TSCOF, Feeric Fashion Week. Photo: De Bona Virgil

TSCOF: And what about the core of your brand—what is that makes it so successful from the start? For us is very successful!

Andrada: With my brand I’d like to create a “platform” for people with a divergent state of mind and dare the individual to think differently. I strive to be beyond the mainstream culture.

Look #2 Andrada Bodea Runway, Feeric Fashion Week. Photo: Cornel Petrus

TSCOF: Where do you find inspiration for your collections?

Andrada: I like to get inspired by contemporary subcultures, music, events and art.

Look #3 Andrada Bodea Runway, Feeric Fashion Week. Photo: Cornel Petrus

TSCOF: Does music inspire you?

Andrada: Music is a big part of my life and therefore a big part of my collections as well.

Look #4 Andrada Bodea Runway, Feeric Fashion Week. Photo: Cornel Petrus

TSCOF: How do you feel knowing that you’ll attend a full scholarship at IED Milan thanks to Feeric Fashion Week?

Andrada: I am so happy that Feeric and IED Milan are helping emerging designers. I feel very grateful to be attending such a prestigious school where I can learn the essential to further my career.

TSCOF: Which pieces from the collection do you see becoming wardrobe staples?

Andrada: I think the hoodie and the strap coat would be staples as they are quite versatile.

Photo: Cornel Petrus, Feeric Fashion Week

TSCOF: As someone who travels often, what are three essentials you pack to make yourself at home wherever you go?

Andrada: My sketchbook and my pencil is all need! Home is where the heart is.
TSCOF: Complete the following sentences. In my own closet, the item I cannot survive without is…

Andrada: A traditional Romanian blouse passed down by generation to generation. It reminds me of where I started, my home and of my roots.
TSCOF: At the top of my bucket list is…

Andrada: To open my own online shop.

TSCOF: What we should expect from you regarding the outfit made special for Mad Mood at Milan Fashion Week?
Andrada: A new kind of evening dress and a new way of wearing it in regards to sustainable fashion.
TSCOF: And lastly, one thing you might be surprised to know about me is….
Andrada: That I am a major nerd who loves playing video games.

The Runway – PROTOTYPE FW17 – Feeric Fashion Week 

Photo: Ancira Adeon

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