The Interview – Kinga Sulej about the disturbing fine forms of Mimikra Jewelry 

Mimikra is a range of jewellery for women showcasing an extremely original, surreal style, created by Kinga Sulej from Poland. Crosses, origami, worlds that open, metallic prosthesis and surreal forms and eyes are the stars of her creations in black, gold and silver. Through her ironic and disquieting designs, Kinga Sulej exorcises the memory of childhood games and fables, drawing inspiration from Surrealism and the Neo-Gothic. Mimikra refers to a natural phenomenon of mimicry. It happens when vulnerable creatures assume forms that make them appear dangerous. Mimikra is specialized in large and spatial pieces of jewellery that are at the same time very delicate. The jewellery label is inspired by outlandish and original forms in the world of nature. The design is modern and geometric, resembling origami figures and executed in fine silver sheet. All pieces are hand-made and patinated to emphasize their unique character. It results in bold, inimitable and disturbing forms.  

Mimikra was chosen to be part of our #NewTalentsXFeeric Runway Project at Feeric Fashion Week, the greatest fashion week in Eastern Europe, in a Stone Quarry somewhere in the heart of Transylvania, Romania. 
Photo: Cornel Petrus, Feeric FW

TSCOF: Tell us about yourself, including your love for jewelry and how you got there.

Kinga: My parents are jewellery retailers, so for years I have had the opportunity to admire pieces created by icons of Polish goldsmithing. This definitely was a key factor in pursuing a career in jewellery design. I joined a prestigious school in Warsaw, Wytwornia Antidotum, where I met fantastic teachers and very inspiring people.

TSCOF:  Tell us about your design style. What makes your collections unique in the industry?
Kinga: I think the strength of my jewellery is in the juxtaposition between its spatial, bold shapes and its actual lightness and fineness.

TSCOF: What kind of person wears your jewelry?

Kinga: Confident and unconventional.

Photo: De Bona Virgil, Feeric FW

TSCOF: As a designer, where do you draw your inspiration from?

Kinga: It’s the natural world that inspires me most. I stroll in the woods for hours, regularly study illustrations from Haeckel’s “Art Forms in Nature” and Escher’s work. All this later crystallises into ideas for shapes of rings and earrings.

Photo Courtesy: Balkan FW

TSCOF: What are upcoming projects for Mimikra Jewelry?

Kinga: I was invited to join HOMI Milano by Artisanal Intelligence in September, and I will also participate in the ArtiStar Jewels exhibition during Milan Fashion Week in February.

TSCOF: Who are your favorite icons in fashion or art industry?

Kinga: I’m in awe of Iris van Herpen and her incredible talent for translating nature into the art of fashion and performance. I also adore Björk’s music and image.


Photo: De Bona Virgil, Feeric FW
Photo: De Bona Virgil, Feeric FW

Highlights Feeric Fashion Week, Photo Credits: Cornel Petrus 


Model Dayana Reeves wearing Mimikra Earrings | Backstage Feeric Fashion Week 

Photo: Ancira Adeon 

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