Katie Gementera inspired by her childhood for Spring/Summer 2018 collection

Katie Gementera is a young Fashion Designer located in London, United Kingdom and showcased for the first time in Milan her Spring/Summer 2018 collection in September 2017 during Mad Mood, Milan Fashion Week. From a young age, Fashion Design was the dream career to pursue. With fashion and textiles training over the years and a foundation degree in Art & Design, Katie was accepted into the renowned Parsons: The New school of Design in NYC, US, in 2013 where she began her BFA degree. In 2015, Katie transferred campus’ to Parsons Paris, France for a semester abroad. After falling in love with the City, Katie applied to complete her Final Year in 2016 at the Parsons Paris campus. During 2015 and 2016, she was based in London, UK and spent the year interning for high end luxury womenswear and couture brands where her knowledge was extended and skills enhanced in the working industry. This placement year allowed for a strong basis leading into her 2017 Graduate Collection: Growing up Now. The brand strives for creativity and playfulness throughout design with strong emphasis on creating something fresh, feminine and fun! The clothes are about creating a ‘feeling’ in people that they can resonate with instantly.

Models on the runway for Katie Gementera SS18 – Milan Fashion Week

THE INTERVIEW – Katie Gementera 
1. We saw you celebrating the debut of your SS18 Collection at Milan Fashion Week during Mad Mood event. This is a smart and a difficult move at the same time for a designer who decide to come to Milan. Tell us more about the inspiration for your collection?
Katie: I started the collection by carrying out surveys on peoples perception and memories of childhood. The difference between growing up years ago, in comparison to now is very interesting. I found that many of my own childish memories involved being outdoors and playing with the space around me rather than technology or on social media. This essence of childishness was something I wanted to bring into my collection. The playfulness, freedom and naivety. ‘Growing up Now’ tells a story of growing up while staying true to childish traits.

2. Which is the target and what kind of woman should wear your collection?

Katie: I have never liked being asked this! Of course any designer should know exactly who their target market is, but I have never wanted to restrict myself in this area. I want my collection to be accessible to anyone and everyone who choses to wear it. The clothes are very exuberant, so in that sense the wearer who isn’t afraid to take risks or make a statement!

3. Tell us three words that describe your design philosophy right now?

Katie: Innocence. Playfulness. Challenging.

4. And what about the core of your brand—what is that makes it so successful in your country?

Katie: As a new brand, I am still adjusting to day to day challenges of building this. So far, I have many ventures coming up with the brand which should reach many more audiences. The collection is very feminine and wearable despite its avant grade nature and I think this is why woman are responding to it.

5. Which pieces from the collection do you see becoming wardrobe staples?

Katie: The Dress Jumpsuit with the detached sleeves/cuffs! Its the perfect look that can be layered or worn in many ways with a little ribbon detail that elevates the look. The bow top jumpsuit has also had a lot of attention!

6. As someone who travels often, what are three essentials you pack to make yourself at home wherever you go?

Katie: My pink fluffy ladybird pillow – received as a silly present a few years ago but I cannot sleep without it!

IPad so I can FaceTime everyone at home.

My jewelry – I always have it on. Pieces that were passed down to me or those that marked a special occasion.

7. At the top of my goals list is…?

Katie: To build a successful fashion brand and be recognized in the industry, and to travel and volunteer around the world.

8. And lastly, one thing we might be surprised to know about you is…. ?
Katie: Im a huge Star Wars fan!!!

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