8IGB Community Clothing SS18 – ENCLOTHES, a distorting reality

ENCLOTHES is the name of the Spring/Summer 2018 Menswear Collection by the subversive street-wear brand 8IGB Community Clothing and is characterized by diverting and distorting reality. For this occasion, the brand decided to present its new collection with an installation/performance using codes from contemporary art to better put the visitors in a full immersion of 8IGB’s world, an imaginary room made by paper boxes where a young man lived during the time of the showroom eating, drinking, sending SMS and watching TV.

ENCLOTHES is a mix between the french word enclos (confined space) and the word clothes and wants to make us think about the role and the space that clothes take in our lives and also how they do create different appearances that don’t always correspond to the reality. This room was also inspired by the designer’s own bedroom to talk about the problem of space and stock that young designers find when they start. 8IGB community clothing will reveal with this collection an other side of its identity, more introspective and sensitive with words like «Fragile», «Melancholia» or « Paranoïa».

With this collection 8IGB Community Clothing steps from pure streetwear to avant-garde  fashion by transforming the basic shapes into something different like the spider hoody (four sleeves hoody) , the cape-shirt ( a sweat-shirt raw cut on sides and sleeves ) and the half-layered hoodie.


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