ALMADKJ – Art + Fashion, birth of a Franco-Spanish artistic and textile brand where Fashion and Painting co-exist to create something unique.

Our partner – LA MODA CHANNEL – met Katia Juanino Finet, artist and founder of ALMADKJ brand from Lyon (France).

A colorful, happy, contemporary painting inspired by Spanish painters like Picasso and Dali.
For her first collection of paintings “Women”, a series of eight female characters, caricatures of modern women that are revealed without complexes. Maria, Lupita, Bibi, Lola, Berta, Serena, Juana and Pamela are full of authentic messages of freedom, respect and solidarity. Strong values that the brand transmits naturally and as a spokesperson for our time.

“Everything is the result of a dream but it was so real that I had the impression that I was living it. When I let my imagination run wild, it came with such force that I couldn’t stop it. The project to create my brand was not calculated. It came naturally, as evidence. For this reason, I have let myself embark on this new adventure in order to create something authentic that resembles me.”


“Art to be read”

A painting full of clues to decipher a type of personality through a character. Every woman has a story that symbolizes the woman of today. An authentic art full of humor, poetry and positivism.

The fashion brand was born naturally, from a passion for fashion and a desire to offer a new experience to its characters. They are limited series pieces inspired by the personality of their characters. Each creation is handmade, with an attention to detail and with a desire that each piece is unique. A collaboration with Spanish and French professionals in the sector, textile printing and sewing.

“ALMADKJ is a captivating and sincere creative process, an encounter with two cultures, people who are passionate about their work, demanding and seeking perfection.”


For the founder of ALMADKJ ART & FASHION, working on Fashion responsibly has been a priority. Proud of making a “Made in France” product accompanied by professionals from the Rhone Alpes region, a French department recognized worldwide for its experience in the textile sector but also committed to “Made in Spain” and specifically “Made in Madrid”, the city where she grew up and where she has found sewing craftsmen.

“Working as a team with my two cultures has been a true human and professional experience, a collaboration and a cultural richness where each person contributes the best of herself with passion, respect and generosity.”


For Katia, the narrative power of a garment is much more intense when the viewer is the protagonist. An authentic relationship is born between the character and the viewer, producing a symphony of emotions and sensations. The creation of the Lyon brand symbolizes the Soul of the creator, a desire for intimacy as opposed to all forms of ostentation but with a touch of originality.

“Authenticity, freedom, respect, sincerity. Seeking a harmony between what we wear and what we are, to affirm, refine, adorn ourselves. To create something authentic, one has to be oneself, without being afraid of becoming what one has always been.

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