Attention-grabbing pieces of ‘Nasha Made-in-Mars’ creations were designed to be the scene-stealer of the room, the strong presence of each item was created to spark curiosity from lookers, every detail makes a great addition to complete the finishing touches to an outfit. The brand chooses to showcase the uniqueness and hidden multi-functional use of its complex designs, this inspiration came from Nasha Mekraksavanich’s love of architecture, the force behind all things ‘Nasha Made-in-Mars’.

Her fondness of Neo/Craft artistry and her view of the traditional handbags burnouts translate her work into an unapologetically confidence that reflects her mischievous personality immensely.

Nasha’s intentions were to capture the time she spent studying in Italy as an Architecture Interior Design and Object Design student into a strong, fun, confident women’s accessories. Owners of the bags are usually spotted with “courageous” essence, they are made by the daring souls to another, not made for the fainted heart.


Production: 3RdEye Showroom | Photo Credits: iMaxTree


Nasha Bag RS20 3097Nasha Bag RS20 3118Nasha Bag RS20 3126Nasha Bag RS20 3133Nasha Bag RS20 3147Nasha Bag RS20 3149Nasha Bag RS20 3169Nasha Bag RS20 3193Nasha Bag RS20 3215Nasha Bag RS20 3229Nasha Bag RS20 3235Nasha Bag RS20 3256Nasha Bag RS20 3265Nasha Bag RS20 3286Nasha Bag RS20 3299Nasha Bag RS20 3336Nasha Bag RS20 3357Nasha Bag RS20 3359

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