Behind the scenes with Ancira Adeon photograher – ”I Still Believe In Love” Spring/Summer 2020 by 112 mountainyam showcased at 3RdEye Showroom during Paris Fashion Week. 

Designer label 112 mountainyam launched its SS2020 collection ‘I STILL BELIEVE IN LOVE’ at London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week.

”We try and we fail, but lives go on. We shall keep the faith and positive attitude towards lives. I still believe in LOVE, the SS2020 collection by 112 mountainyam,is inspired by the love, believes, dynamics and beauty of Morocco cities. The collection features pieces that bring together the brand’s trademark embroidery, prints and digital design elements.”

In search of love, the oasis in the desert

Brand director and designer Mountain Yam found inspiration for the I still believe in LOVE collection in his travels to the Moroccan continent, and integrated secondary palettes and the corporate grey hues of city living to create a wholly unique aesthetic.

Featuring a fresh take on desert love wave print and embellished denim with nature-inspired silhouette motifs, his designs embody a modern call of the wild.

I still believe that love is the most powerful force in the world, even though I am yet to experience it fully. The world is too big to stay in one place and life is too short to do just one thing, let’s experience the world and bring power and love back into your life. Life is dry as a desert, lest you find the oasis of love; faith is an oasis in the heart which will never be reached by the caravan of thinking.– Mountain Yam, Brand Director and Designer





Ready-to-wear label 112 mountainyam is grounded in a bold philosophy: discover who you are; express who you are. Founded by designer Mountain Yam, the label takes its name from Pantone 112—a hue that simultaneously evokes a sense of futurism, freedom and organic vitality. The brand’s signature pieces use contrasts between elements from the natural world and international cultures to create distinctive, energising and vibrant designs for multifaceted modern women.




Photography: Ancira Adeon

Beauty Direction: Valeria Orlando using #VORmakeup

Makeup & Hair Style: Marianna Picarone & Giada Pavoni

Art Direction: Myra Postolache & Simone Botte

Casting: Maydilion & Carole Lheureux

Production: TSCOF + 3RdEye Showroom

Powered by: HKTDC Hong Kong – Fashion Hong Kong



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