To present the Autumn / Winter 2020 collection Simon Cracker chose a warm and welcoming location, the Ostello Bello: a place that unites and receives people of all kinds from all parts of the world, the same concept that the designer expresses with his own collections. This time more than ever he surrounds himself with stimulating souls and creates his family, without labels

To parade we will see a coven of witches ready to fight discrimination of size, orientation and gender. Witches other than those dressed in black that we are used to seeing in children’s books.




The inspirations are many, first of all the witches that have made the history of cinema. Simon Cracker says that in middle school she felt excluded as Lidia from “Beetlejuice”, strange, in a world that only she could see. He liked to go to esoteric shops to buy incense as in “Young Witches” and watched, until consumed, the VHS of “Bell, Book and Candle”, less dark and more naive.

All these fragments of films have given life to the creatures protagonists of this collection: woven wool, hazel tones and rubberized fabrics, striped knitwear like the snakes of the sands of Tim Burton, fluttering clothes in contrast with those for work, unstructured and one-size.

Everything that is a uniform and that usually defines a category, becomes a unique garment, able to be noticed: overalls, overalls, up to the Scouts, who tell stories of fear at the camping of horrors.





Simone Botte, designer and creator of the Simon Cracker brand, was born on 27 September 1985 in Cesena. Since childhood, he has sought art in everything that surrounds him. In 2006, after studying as a graphic designer, he started designing his first line of accessories made with furnishing fabrics and launched his brand. In 2010, after a period spent in London studying new trends, he returned to Italy to create the garments he would present at the Paris Fashion Week, where he launched the brand with an exhibition at Palazzo Pierre Cardin. The collection has met with particular success among Japanese and Southeast Asian buyers.

Simon Cracker’s style comes from the street. Simone Botte draws inspiration from the ordinary, from the people he meets every day in the supermarket, pastry shop or laundry. Moodboards link inspiration, color palette and personal memories that create creations immersed in a unique and moving atmosphere. If we want to define the style of Simon Cracker we can call it “artistic streetwear”.

Over the years, the brand has grown by presenting the collections in some important international events (Milan Fashion Week, Milan Design Week, Lithuania Fashion Week).
Alongside his commitment as a designer, Simone works as a stylist, social media administrator and art director for major fashion brands. – @simoncracker

Photo Credits: Davide Mandolini – @daweifotograf 

Production in collaboration with VOR Makeup by Valeria Orlando, B-Selfie, Nashi Hair Porta Genova 


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