Resurgence of Art in Times of ISOLATION

Time flows differently under the heavy shadow cast by the coronavirus crisis, yet creativity flourishes in the darkest of times leading to a cultural renaissance. “In times when many have lost faith in the teleological process of artistic expression, me with the talented ballet dancer Gaetan Vermeulen and photographer Lilit Ghazaryan tried to redefine the linear concept of art and time, weaving symbolism in unexpected places. The main source of inspiration for the photoshoot came from the “Time is Out of Joint” exhibition at Galeria Nazionale in Rome,” says the art director Yelena Tadevosyan, “I tried to capture the disjointed state of the world where nothing is what it seems to be.”

In this photoshoot, time flows in a slow tempo telling a daring story through unconventional means. Despite the symbiotic relationship between art and time, time remains “out of joint,” unhinged and unbalanced. The viewer is left to reflect upon the freedom achieved in practice, questioning the root of simple concepts. 

Creative director: Helena Tadevosyan @helllenagram

Photography: Lilit Ghazaryan @lilit_uni

Photo editing: Enni Hovsepyan @enni_hovsepyan

Model/ Dancer: Gaetan Vermeulen @gaetan_vermeulen

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