How Luxury Travel + Style INFLUENCER Keeps Her Engineering Cool

There is something to be said about having beauty and brains. It is a quality that many wish they had, but Ling Chen literally has it all. She is a social media Influencer, model, and a full time engineer who is passionate about luxury travel, style and fashion. 

Ling, who was born in Taipei Taiwan and moved to Arizona when she was 14 years old, is also fluent in English & Chinese. Those who work hard at every aspect of their life will reap the benefits from it and Ling does not take any of that for granted. When most social media influencers look to their followings for that support, Ling’s biggest influence is her family.

“I would say my family is my biggest influence, they have been supportive and helpful throughout my life from the beginning to where I am now, when I hesitate with decisions they just tell me “just do it” and don’t think about it too much.”


Ling Chen doesn’t speculate what her audience cares about since she feels she wouldn’t be who she is today without them. Although she does find it a very difficult subject because she wants to please her audience but if she creates content based on what her audience wants to see and it’s something she doesn’t  like, it makes it very hard to be “her”. “With that said it’s definitely a balance between both, you have to keep in mind what your audience might think but also you need to do what makes you happy and be yourself.”

Taking big opportunities are an important task for her since her biggest failure” was not taking big opportunities that were presented when she didnt know better. But she doesn’t look back, and she reminds myself that things come and go and that if something is meant to be it will align with her and it will all work out.

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