Taliana Appadoo + her graduate collection from Curtin University, Perth


This capsule embodies an odyssey through the Mexican drug trade culture and family involvement beginning in the 1980’s. Throughout the collection I use the metaphor of “hidden goods” to explore the ideologies behind concealment and privacy.

To express this idea, I’ve approached my concept with a laid back aesthetic to highlight the carefully chosen fabrics and textiles in relation to each look or “person”. Each body of this collection explores the cartel culture from a different take, using traditional fabrics such as: plaid, wool, assorted suiting, gabardine, tweed, polar fleece, mesh and shirting. As this cartel culture started in the 1980’s, I have subtly referenced it by dropping most shoulders in the collection to bring back the oversized and baggy fit of the era.


Photography: Reo-Blu Care

Models: Sarah Ozbaki & Rick Gullo

Fashion Designer: Taliana Appadoo

Styling: Taliana Appadoo

Set Design and location: Reo-Blu Care

BTS/Design process account: @by._.t._.666

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