The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer release a re-interpretation of their song “Forever Fool”

The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer release a re-interpretation of their song “Forever Fool,” imbued with a psychedelic energy to capture the mood of a late night stoner hangout.

This re-imagination comes from Post-Apocalipstick,  a collection of songs which takes disparate elements from our 2017 record, puts them in a blender, and spits out completely new interpretations. 

Watch the official video for “Forever Fool” on YouTube

Listen to the new version of “Forever Fool” on Bandcamp // Apple Music // Spotify

”Director Peter Ricq collaborated with us to shoot a video for this interpretation of “Forever Fool.” The sonics reminded him of 80’s horror synth scores and so he wanted the visuals to reflect that, with neon pink colours, sunglasses, and VHS texture, paying homage to the films and artists which inspired him so much as a child. This track and this album represent a side-step for us. We are trying something different, in a style that we aren’t known for. It’s a one off, but we wanted to fulfill our creative impulse to dip our feet into something more electronic and cinematic, where there is less focus on the songs, and more focus on the sonic adventurousness of the production. We hope that you enjoy hearing the more assertive quality to the lyrics which this version of “Forever Fool” provides. Put the most psychedelic screensaver you can imagine on loop as you listen.”

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