KREEPart: A talk with Brigette Jones about Brigette’s Art

Brigette Jones is a freelance artist based in Birmingham , AL and her talents extend far and wide as she creates impressive pieces using graphic design, illustration, water colours, mixed medium and more. 

A talk with Brigette Jones exclusively for KREEP. Magazine:

How did your passion for art start and how your creative process work?

I believe that it started long before I got here on Earth, it runs deeply through my family lineages so the Lord saw fit to pass that passion and gifting for it to me to be used. As far as my creative process, you might be surprised but I usually don’t plan things out as far as what I’m actually going to create. It’s more organic in that sense, some of my most popular pieces were completely spur of the moment designs that I used the time to just get my creative juices flowing so to speak because I hadn’t done anything in a while and needed to get back to it! Other times, it is planned as far as what medium I want to use for the week or for the day ( i.e. acrylics, colored pencils, or digital software) and then from them I try and pick something to replicate particularly when it’s a newer medium that I’m still learning how to use and I like to punish myself so to speak by picking something that I KNOW is extremely challenging just because I learn the most from those experiences and wind up growing so much as an artist and designer.

How art industry helped and motivated you to become a fine art creative?

The industry helped and motivated me by pushing me to actually learn and to just keep going until my skills finally started to get better. It helped with establishing consistency and goal- setting for projects that helped me advance in my skill sets. It also keeps on motivating me to get progressing and learning more and more not only about the industry but the technology side of it that continues to change so rapidly. 

Can you tell us a little bit about your references and inspirations for your pieces?

As far as my references, they can and do come from everywhere and anyone. Some are from other more advanced artists who I’ve studied under as far as their techniques and knowledge of the mediums that they are at a mastery level at. Others are not a reference at all because I don’t use a reference for most of my work especially my abstract digital work, I literally just “go with the flow” and see what my mind wants to come up with for the day and so far that is actually the pieces people seem to love more and comment on their uniqueness which I am flattered by!

Do you see yourself as an example for the new generation? Who are your forever icon artists that inspires you?

Ummm, not really. I just see myself as a creative that is just trying to share her gifts with the world and help others get to their ideal place within the creative community as well! I’m humbled that people would even consider me as an example for others and you know if that’s the shoe that’s given and it fits, then I am going to wear it prayerfully with honor and help others as much as I can! And for my icon artists, I would say that most of mine are the pillars of the fine art and drawing industries like Da Vinci and Rembrandt, I’ve always loved those artists and “fathers of the arts” and regarding any newer artist(s) I have a strong admiration for Mrs. Lee Hammond, I’ve always loved learning from her and the fact that she is now retired ( due to health reasons, which I can relate to ) is saddening to me but she really helped me be encouraged to step out into the industry for myself. I had sent her an email WAY back like a decade ago about art pricing and how she came up with the formula for her rate, I NEVER EVER thought in a billion years that she ( who was so well known ) would even care enough about some random young girl’s questions to even respond WELL not only DID she respond, she was the sweetest big time professional artist that had ever thought of reaching back out to me about any of my questions, she is one of the reasons that I am here today, because I wanted to be like her in the industry! Thank you Mrs. Lee Hammond, your kindness forever changed me for the better!

Can you describe your client’s personality in few words?

Friendly, out-going, and comforting

What do you think it’s your best-selling piece?

I think my best selling piece(s) will be a tie between both of my newer abstract digital pieces. “The Color of Love” and “ Break YOUR Box, Release YOUR Milkyway” both have done very well!

We love ‘The Color of Love’ art piece. Tell us more about it and from where did you get the inspiration for it?

Well thank you so much! I’m glad that you enjoy it! Actually the inspiration behind it is the Bible, which I know might REALLY shock people but it’s the truth. It’s a visual expression of something that I believe that the world needs so deeply today which is love. And not just the word we like to throw around to everybody that’s lifeless because it has no action behind it to prove it’s validity and authenticity, but REAL love that doesn’t mind going out of it’s way to reach out to you when you need it most! That’s what I believe is missing in today’s society and is something that I stride to do everyday which is to show the love of God! Love is not just a word but an action for the betterment of another person and their well- being! Which is what Jesus Christ did for us all by shedding His blood and dying in our place so that He could bring us { the real object of His love} back to Him, which is humanity. 

What does art industry needs more to grow up and what can be done better for artists to help them more?

A: I think the thing that would help most in the industry would be to really let go of that strong competition that we have amongst ourselves. It’s no way to really live a life to me. I just have one person to work on bettering and trying to improve daily and that’s me. I am not here to fight or compete with others, there’s only one of each of us as individuals so there’s no need to try and be exactly like someone else and try and be better than them, if we were supposed to all be the same completely, we would have already come out that way in my opinion.

What is the long term goal for Brigette’s Art and what is the main mission?

The long term goal for Brigette’s Art would be to build it up to a large sized company within the Arts, Media, and Entertainment Industry to be a place to help others in the population and to help employ others within the industry and be a blessing to as many as need it. And the main mission of it is to share my gifts with as many as possible and to also just help people in life!

What are the most interesting social platforms that can help your art?

Hmmm, the most interesting platform that has helped so far is Instagram. And as far as those that I am interested in using in the future would be Esty, Amazon, or LinkedIn. And I am also interested in learning more about what platforms other professionals use in their business.

Can you tell us what is the next project for you?

For my next major project, I plan on getting more into Animation. So I plan to be able to teach myself enough to make my 1st cartoon from my first ebook that I had created and published on Amazon Kindle back in 2013 ( if I’m thinking right ), titled, “ Big Day for a Moth”! So I hope that people enjoy it when it finally comes out so stay tuned for that! Thank you so much for your questions!


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