MIASHAN is a Luxury Couture Fashion Brand inspired by twin sisters Amelia (Mia) and Shushana (Shana) and their passion for fashion. All creations are designed and made within the United Kingdom.

There are three elements that fuse the brand together:  Ladies Couture Mia’s Secret Garden Shana’s Winter Wardrobe  Ladies’ Couture brings style, elegance and sophistication to Lingerie, Evening, Day and Business apparel empowering woman to embody her inner goddess.  

In Mia’s Secret Garden you will find collections for Spring and Summer, and in Shana’s Winter Wardrobe, collections for Autumn and Winter for girls from the ages of 3 to 16. MIASHAN was founded in 2017 by the creative force behind the Luxury Couture Fashion Brand, British Entrepreneur Sounita Rachel Chummun. 


How did your passion for design start and how your creative process work?

I was thinking about my twin daughters and their future. I guess that’s how the concept of MIASHAN began, wanting them to understand the mechanics of running a business combined with creating beautiful pieces. My passion is present, when I start to design, without sounding cliche… it’s like my design eye opens and takes over; it’s always a place I love to be and explore, I always say this, but I feel like I am just at the beginning and I am on a journey of discovery.

How has the fashion industry helped and motivated you to become a fine art designer?

The fashion industry is a powerful platform to be inspired, where I have observed creative artists share their vision. To be part of this is amazing.

Can you tell us a little bit about your references and inspirations for your garments?

I find inspiration in Egyptian culture, old Hollywood glamour heritage & architectural tones, they play a huge part in my designs.

Can you describe your client’s personality in few words?

My clients are usually the sophisticated confident women … oozing their inner Goddess!! Wearing luxury timeless pieces, that lasts a lifetime.

What do you think about the opportunity of selling your creations on various digital platforms?

I like selling online, but I think you must have have a balance to engage with customers, I feel displaying garments is a must, either in a shop setting, promotional platforms or events.

What does the fashion industry needs more to grow up and what can be done better for this?

I think, as an emerging brand, there is a need to be a coverage consistency. There’s not enough coverage to promote new brands, only through fashion platforms like fashion weeks. There is a brief spotlight and exposure, but there isn’t really anything to carry the brands the whole year round to keep their customers / audience engaged and these brands end up being absorbed.

What is the long term goal for MIASHAN and what is the main mission? 

MIASHAN wants to be a recognized as a luxury couture brand at some point in time. We want to create pieces that our audience recognize as being ours, so we are on a mission to create pieces that embody comfort and luxury in both look & feelings.

What are the most interesting social platforms that can help your label? 

There are some social and fashion platforms that assist and support emerging brands, offering incredible venues, great media exposure, introduction to editors and buyers. These are very crucial in any promotion of an emerging brand, any social media and it’s a great base to network and create relations worldwide. Can help the brand to engage with their audience. I feel it’s more about the brand staying relevant, consistent and engaged with their audience.

Can you tell us what is the next project for MIASHAN right now?

We are currently developing new strategies to create amazing designs based on Egyptian & architectural tones and looking forward to MILANO Fashion Week.


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