Looking at the darkness and dirt floated up from it,
I should’ve known earlier that I couldn’t break away,
I am so selfish that I still long for more hopes and blessings, Even though I am already deep in the dirty water.

Photography: Carmen Leong @heloego

Model: You Quan Sheng @you_quansheng from @chinabentleymodels

Set Director Giselle Bai @ggiselle__bb

Styling: Blair @blair.ding

Hair & Make-Up: Zoey @zoooeylu Assistant Hua

Support Brand: A Black ___

Bag from DZ Bags

Trousers from TIWILLTANG

Jacket from Delivery Trousers from Argue Culture

Accessories CHUNRAN

Scarf from Simple Project Lab Necklace from stylist own
Gloves from Hyein Seo Trousers from TIWILLTANG Shoes from PINJIAHUI
Hat from Simple Project Lab Shirt from a black ___ Shorts from IN TERRIS
Blazer RustyNail


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