“Flamme Jumelle” french for twin flame explores the dynamic and bond between soul ties of the black woman. Showcased and influenced by Afro Futurism, the kinky hair used is draped across their bodies as clothing wear and hair styles while they’re dripped in gold jewelry, all common themes that connect us culturally. This shoot tells the story of sisterhood, while being very different, they mirror one another and are one in the same. No matter where black women reside in the world, of many different races and shades, we all are bonded over similar ways in which we showcase who we are. 

Photography: Rod Julien @Rodhimself 

Creative Director: Shayla Monique @shaylamonii

Creative Agency: By Merkebah @By.merkebah

Models: Salina Telfort @Soloandloved + Mika Lee @mikalaleean 

Production Assistant: Carl Perkins @priticolours

Set Design: 503 DTLA @503Dtla 

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