The 14th edition of the most creative fashion week in the world, Feeric Fashion Week arrived at the end and took place between July 20th and 24th in Sibiu/Transylvania/Romania and its surroundings.

Since 2008, Feeric Fashion Week has been a meeting point to explore new trends and an important national and international showcase for creatives of the fashion world.

This edition brought, again, Sibiu among the world capitals of fashion. Designers from all over the world and fashion school from Europe came to Sibiu between July 20 and 24 to present their latest collections in unconventional spaces in the city and in Sibiu County.

Saturday, the last day of the fashion shows during Feeric Fashion Week, started at 1 pm with two street presentations, on the ridge of Centumvirilor Street in the Historic Center. The first of them is supported by the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, by a Romanian designer, graduate of the institute, Marinela Djurdj.

Nowadays it is increasingly difficult to define the boundaries of fashion where Haute Couture borders on sportswear and gender codes are demolished. IED offers a selection of clothes to tell the gaze of our young talents on the contemporary world. Words such as sustainability, oversize, craftsmanship, tradition, contrasts (black / white) are hidden among the folds, shapes and fabrics of the collection. Furthermore, IED wanted to support and promote a Romanian designer who has just graduated from the Milan campus. Starting from the traditional dress, Marinela Djurdj finds in the embroidery and innovative materials a new expressive language capable of recounting the independence and redemption of women.

Finally, the chosen soundtrack comes from the creativity of the students of the sound design course in Rome

Then, Andreea Pleşa presented the InBetween project, a project that wants to sound the alarm on the excessive consumerism that underlies the clothing industry, the collection thus becoming a spokesperson to draw attention to both material and physical abuses that it uses fast fashion.

The InBetween project aims to raise awareness about the excessive consumerism that is at the heart of the clothing industry, and the collection thus becomes a mouthpiece to draw attention to both the material and physical abuses of fast fashion. InBetween talks about the present and is rooted in several auto reflective and reevaluation processes experimented in the past few years. We talk about the revaluation of human potential at the expense of post-human society concepts.

The geometry of the collection is not
aimed at current trends, emphasizing the impersonal nature of clothing. The color scheme is based on the industrial landscape with a touch of orange that means to bring out of anonymity the wearer and doubles as an signal of alarm about standardized style. In regards with tech-human-industry relationship, the collection takes a pro-human stand by using only natural fibers sourced locally.

From Centumvirilor, the Feeric “caravan” moved to the industrial setting of the Boromir factory, where in the geometric space on the top floor of the factory we will see a new collection signed by Bianca Popp, the longest-lived designer present at Feeric Fashion Week.

OUT OF THE BOX, is a collection about the emotions that grow inside us when ignored, up to the point of bursting out and controlling us. It us a collection of evening dresses so extravagant that they become characters, made of noisy taffeta, so that not even those with the eyes in their phones would not miss
their entrance. Loss of function, the last dress in the show, was inspired by the multicolored spinning wheel that tells us that the computer is blocked.

The fashion shows ended with the most awaited event of the fashion week in Sibiu, the Feeric Gala. For the first time since its establishment, the Gala did not take place in the Small Square but in the courtyard of the Evangelical Church in Huet Square. Was a gala full of pomp and surprises, with quality music and seven fashion shows that are more and more spectacular. As every year, the host of the gala was the TV star Cosmina Păsărin.

“The Carnivale by Chotronette” collection is intended exclusively for special women who express their personality through unique combinations and strong colors. Seemingly discordant notes are combined in a hallucinatory mix. The sources of inspiration for this collection were Frida Kahlo, Art Nouveau and punk music. We have explored the aesthetics of kitsch, which for us is an ineffable source of inspiration and the basic idea from which we start is the power of colors to instill magic and joy in the lives of spectators. We have appeared in Vogue UK, Vogues Italia, Conde Nast Brides, on the cover of Rock’n’Roll Magazine and held fashion shows on cruise ships New York and Sydney taken on Fashion TV. “

Casi Couture created the Own The Moment collection for the woman proud of her sexuality, who loves luxury, attention, and to draw all eyes on her, to remain an unforgettable memory in the eyes of viewers.

The transparent tulle hand-accessorized in hundreds of hours of work with extremely precious elements, transposes the inner brilliance of the invincible woman to the outside, the fragility of the feathers show us
at the same time how fragile a strong woman can be, while the pearls remind us about the elegance and the refinement of the feminine beauty.

Dear Spacegirl – RTW 2023 Sandra Chira translates into clothing language a fragment from the designer’s childhood. “After skiing, at the end of spring, I used to pick crocus flowers …”. In the winter of this year, the mountain landscape followed the same delicate aesthetic, but it had more plastic bags and
snowy packaging than flowers. The project has the role of a self-portrait – subtly incorporating in some technical details specific to the
retro ski suit, brought in a feminine context of warm and cold whites, shades of pink, blue and colored grays. The graphic elements speculated in prints and textile structures are the spring flowers whose root grows in plastic bags.

Before presenting the collection, designers Aida Lorena and Claudia would like to thank the organizers of the Feeric festival for all the support they have shown in the last four years and for all the wonderful challenges they have encountered since then. The “New” 2022 collection tells the story of the spiritual
alphabet of numbers from zero to nine with the help of colors and elements inspired by sacred geometry. Numbers have been and will remain consciousness and the primary and infinite source of inspiration from the beginning of time. Their story begins in a vacuum and contains all the stages of the creation of the universe, matter, and the human being. Too many words would load the imagination of the spectator, so the designer of the collection will leave an open door to the world of fantasy in which the creation creates itself through your pupil. And as if by
magic, the story becomes ours!

The concept around Bianca Ripan’s collection is “the will to empower ” inspired from the woman’s strength to rebuild herself after a trauma or disappointment, reshaping herself stronger every time and more aware of her
own strengths. This collection is more than a storyline, it’s a walk within the soul as nothing from what rebuilds herself has been randomly used or chosen, but rather as a form of expression, a metaphor. The materials used like: leather, latex, tulle are a gradual openness towards people and society. Also, the
closure systems as well as the cutting design itself reveal the woman who now Knows what she has to do. This collection basically represents an extension of every woman’s personality ( either revealed or not) who managed to rebuild herself from ashes at least once!

It’s a manifest of well deserved empowerment!

Carolina Design is the fur and leather brand from Timișoara whose name has become, through years of work and experience, synonymous with the highest quality standards. It’s been over 3 decades since in
Romania but also abroad, Carolina Design, was noticed as a top manufacturer of the most refined luxury clothes. Their collections are appreciated by the most important stars in Romania but also by big names from
abroad. Carolina Design advocates for a clean environment, using only natural materials, thus contributing to a clean and sustainable environment. Carolina Design uses only renewable materials from responsible sources. Carolina Design is presenting the exclusive “Desert Rose” collection, “trench coats that overcome any season”. “Desert Rose” the newest Carolina Design collection.

“We are at the 14th edition of Feeric Fashion Week, the journey so far is incredible. We have managed to bring Sibiu to a place of great honor on the European fashion scene, to become the most important fashion week in Eastern Europe and one of the most creative in the world, but things are really starting now, with this edition of transition that prepares a new path. Thus, we will add continuity to the project by approaching an educational segment and by involving the local community. We continue to offer designers the most suitable launching pad through the connections created over these 14 years around the world and we will try to turn Feeric Fashion Week into a huge global fashion hub. And we are proud to create everything in Sibiu”, says Mitichi, president of Feeric Fashion Week: www.feeric.ro

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