For thousands of years, many ancient populations have lived on our planet Earth without harming it.

It is from this respect for the environment and for future generations that Alessio Berto, owner of the pattern-design studio The Tailor Pattern Support, took inspiration for this intergenerational and inter-artistic exchange project. Everything comes from a pattern-design, based on the characteristics of the materials, creating patterns with organic, engineered and modern silhouettes.

The project consists of a collaboration with certified and transparent companies, students and professionals to create a visionary capsule. This partnership that draws on young minds and creative visions are the main exploration of this project. A concrete, avant-garde capsule inspired by primitive cultures that projects them into the future, a better future, through better care of the manufacturing processes and the recycling of materials for garments that last over time and space. All this to create 5 outfits; with essential characteristics, aspects of utility and attention to detail and production processes. The garments don’t have gender or belonging, but a universal identity. In the capsule there are also accessories such as gloves, shoes, a space headset and space glasses.

In the making of these garments there is NO use of water and the raw materials have been chosen for the intelligent use of chemistry, inevitable in the industrial processes of creating materials with technical and natural characteristics. Some of the selected materials are composed of minerals such as Graphene and rare earths, essential for the technology of the future, or of HMPE molecules much more resistant than steel, combined with recycled polyesters and metals. These were paired with natural materials, such as silk, hemp, organic cotton, sugar beet, vegetable gum, potatoes and corn.

These materials gave the garments general characteristics such as water repellent, cut resistance, thermoregulation, antibacterial, antistatic and fire retardant functions.
Each garment was equipped with an envelope composed of 48% bio-based material.

Inside the label there are seeds of Moringa, a plant native to India with very high nutritional and healing properties.These seeds were ideally planted with a view to a future world free from hunger and disease.

The garments within this visionary capsule were not put on the market, they are available as a symbol of a courageous change and inspiration for other new and intelligent collaborations, directed towards a different future.


The INDIGO EDEN video has been selected by Diane Pernet and was screened on September 21, 2022 during the UNGA WEEK in New York, where the premiere of the “Human Kind Film Series” took place. In collaboration with UNITED NATIONS ASSOCIATIONS TRAVELING FILM FESTIVAL and ASVOFF where films of positive social change, social impact and creativity were presented and followed by expert panel discussions.

The basic philosophy of the HUMAN KIND INSTITUTE is centered on inventiveness, creativity and human imagination. Through educational arts and science programs, including film and creative spaces and advanced technologies, the HK Institute will support this holistic view.

For the occasion, the existing video was combined with the narrator of Mr Christos Tolera, a famous artist in the London and international music, fashion, art scene who gives even more prestige to the project.


Olmetex – Ribbontex – Panama Trimmings – Imbotex – Bottonificio Lenzi 1955 – Riri – Fashion Art – Aquafil – Econyl – Yulex -Studio 70 – Ied Milano – Jeanologia – Mic Filati – Pure Denim

Luca De Prà, Paul Baah,Emma Gasparini, Francesca Bordignon,Carlotta Civolani,Cristina Ferrara, Sofia Girardelli, Marcello Pipi- tone, Miriam Rocca, Gentile Scoccini, Alice Vestino,
Music And Video: Lorenzo Gerli , Carola Carera-, Dutchyyy , Video From Esa/Nasa With Special Thanks To Esa.


Alessio Berto began his career in 1987 guided by a passion for fashion following the style of his favorite designers: Jean Paul Gaultier, Katharine Hamnett and Maison Chanel, with whom he then worked during his career, crowning his dream. From behind the scenes he has curated the patterns of brands such as Boy London, Replay, Diesel Denim Gallery, Timothy Everest, DKNY Jeans, Sport Chanel, Katharine Hamnett Jeans, Jean Paul Gaultier Jeans, Belfe, Andrew Mackenzie, Montedoro Slowear specializing from denim , woven fabrics to Sportswear outerwear. 

In 2012 he founded his own studio called The Tailor Pattern Support, where he collaborates with many companies to offer them an excellent pattern service and reliable support in delivery and quality. Alessio Berto has been collaborating for some years with Italian design institutes such as IED Milan and Venice, NABA Milan and trade fairs such as DENIM PREMIERE VISION and PREMIERE VISION for special projects on pattern-making.  

From 2017 to 2020 he collaborated with ISKO as tutor and judge for  I-SKOOL the world competition created by Isko for young fashion creatives. 

Alessio Berto has been included in many fashion magazines and websites such as Sportswear International, The Spin off, RIVET 50 to name a few and in the book “Dandy the Italian style” by Giulia Pivetta, published by 24 ORE CULTURA among ten Italian professionals and some companies recognized for their excellence. 

In 2020 Alessio Berto was included in the RIVET 50 list of the New York magazine Sourcing Journal among the 50 people most influential in the Denim industry. 

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