Royalty, flowers, mythology, fairy tales, delirium, sacred and profane, renaissance, good and evil, lust, pre raphaelite art, opulence, human connection: this is what transpires through these artistic shots that compose the project.

The homonymous music album by Florence and the Machine is obviously the main inspiration for the mood and for the structure: just as each song was presented by the band and Florence herself along with a tarot-like cover, here every song is portraied by a single shot that wants to hold the meaning of it.

The goal here is to mold energies throughout a queer direction and point of view in order to deliver something apparently merely aesthetic, even though beneath the surface there are the struggles, joys and beauties of people that are not represented because they are usually taught to hide or not stand out.

Art direction, make-up + hair: Victoria  Pastore @vic.vanity

Photography: Damiano Lilliu @outmaind , Gabriele Lippi @elegy__________ , Laura Crepaldi @ph.crep

Tia Jori @mattiajori , Victoria  Pastore @vic.vanity

Styling: Eleonora Marinelli  @eeleonoramarinelli , Nico Carnelli @nico.carnelli

Models: Erika Monti @ninn0li , Saghi Marastoni @orbitaconme , Dahlia Piemonti @_blackdahliamurder_

Ivan Rampoldi @gothgoat , Francis @softinthesky_ , Dyre Sirago @justdyre , Shalom Thoma @x1njaturtle

Federica Fusi @federicaafusi , Serena Salentina @serena_salentina , Camilla Conforti, Victoria Pastore @vic.vanity

Vix La Ragione @vixeonia , Yasmin Maiara Leite De Melo @lattemiele_ at Vision @visionstreetcasting

Nico Carnelli @nico.carnelli, Giosuè Ugo @z0lfo at Monster Badd @monster_badd

Nicole Berardi @blackdragonfly___ , Claudia Guercia @claudiaguercia , Lea Ghelardoni @mimmimiele

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