In 2013, Nasha Mekraksavanich launched her brand “NASHA” in Paris Fashion Week, which marked the beginning of her rise to success in the international fashion world. Her collection was well-received by top selected stores from all over the world. Her imaginative and whimsical designs, infused with a touch of surrealism, caught the attention of Vogue Italy, and she was subsequently selected as Vogue Talent in 2013. In 2014, she won Vogue Who’s On Next competition by Vogue Thailand. 

Her mischievous personality is reflected in her brand NASHA, which is meant to be attention-grabbing and show stopping. The pieces are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, with a unique and artistic flair. 

NASHA’s flagship store, opened in 2016, showcases her innovative and imaginative designs, which continue to captivate fashion lovers all over the world. Attention-grabbing pieces of ‘Nasha Made-in-Mars’ creations were designed to be the scene-stealer of the room, the strong presence of each item was created to spark curiosity from lookers, every detail makes a great addition to complete the finishing touches to an outfit. The brand chooses to showcase the uniqueness and hidden multi-functional use of its complex designs, this inspiration came from Nasha Mekraksavanich’s love of architecture, the force behind all things ‘Nasha Made-in-Mars’.

Her fondness of Neo/Craft artistry and her view of the traditional handbags burnouts translate her work into an unapologetically confidence that reflects her mischievous personality immensely. Nasha’s intentions were to capture the time she spent studying in Italy as an Architecture Interior Design and Object Design student into a strong, fun, confident women’s accessories. Owners of the bags are usually spotted with “courageous” essence, they are made by the daring souls to another, not made for the fainted heart.


NASHA’s Spring-Summer 2023 collection features two standout bag models. The Pinto Family comes in three colors, inspired by the old website era of MSN messenger, ICQ, and Hi5. The Mist bag adds a pop of color to any outfit with its timeless style, available in Lime, Rose, and Sky. This collection offers a perfect blend of retro-inspired and contemporary designs for the fashion-forward individual.


2014 Winner of Vogue Who’s on Next by Vogue Thailand

Nike X Nasha: Nike Airmax day 2019 ‘Pioneers Runs Workshop’ 

Levi’s X Nasha: Levi’s 501 day 2019 ‘We Are Collaborators’

CPS Chaps X Nasha Mars Hoppers 2021


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