Living in times where every day can be seen as a moment of reflection about our planet, what we consume, how we consume it and the impending climate change that has already impacted all parts of our prescious Earth. As we reflect upon how we interact with buying and spending, fashion’s responsibility for higher standards of production, waste management and truly sustainable action has increased tenfold. Focusing on positive change, fashion has witnessed the “Vintage Renaissance”, with an explosion of vintage fashion searches on websites like Vestiaire Collective, eBay and Cercle becoming the hottest fashion destinations, and giving fashion a second life. A 2022 study by P. Smith across the vintage market, indicated that by 2026 the market’s value will double reaching a staggering 218 billion USD, which signifies the seismic shift of consumer behaviour towards a more conscious practice, aiming considerations before purchase.

As fashion has been generally slow to catch up and advocate for a fully sustainable chain of production, Scandinavian designers have become one with sustainability standards, leading the pack and employing policies and programmes that aid and support the creation of a long-term structure in place that brings circularity into collections. NEW IS OVER is the most exciting, fresh, and actually sustainable initiative + brand you need to have on your radar.

NEW IS OVER is part of Cooperativa sociale Insieme that has never thought about sustainability as a separate entity. The mission has always been to re-create with sustainability at its core. With initiatives like sustainable events, talks, presentations and fashion showcase events across various locations in Vicenza, Italy, Cooperativa sociale Insieme have been able to develop new conscious standards and ethical goals, re-thinking circular fashion and social inclusivity.

The NEW IS OVER process includes aiming for zero-waste in the creation of looks, from sourcing high-quality fabrics from unsold garments, all the way through using local machinery inside their laboratory in Vicenza. Expressing the joy of creation, outfits by NEW IS OVER are ”a must have” in your wardrobe – the versatility in the styles and opportunity to use above, underneath, or alone creates different looks within each style.



Cooperativa sociale Insieme: since 1979 we have been transforming waste into a resource.”

Cooperativa sociale Insieme intends to pursue the general interest of the community
through human promotion and the social integration of citizens.

Cooperativa sociale Insieme (ex L.381/91) and is a non-profit organization of social utility (Onlus) which involves over one hundred workers, more than thirty people in apprenticeships, about twenty placements for public utility jobs and more of thirty volunteers involved in a single project: giving a second chance to people and things that apparently don’t have one.

Was founded in 1979 on the initiative of a group of citizens who came together to discuss and discuss the quality of life with particular attention to the workplace and the reality of marginalization and youth discomfort. 

Passion generates great and beautiful things, regardless of their starting point.

The bottom line of the projects and activities moves along the 4As:

”A di Abitare” – TO LIVE

“Living in the city as an asset to be cultivated”

For more than thirty-five years we have been intertwining our social and environmental proposals with cities and towns in the Vicenza area. From the first experiences of proximity to difficult worlds of marginalization and youth and adult discomfort we immediately learned that the territory was not simply the place to “make initiatives” and “make oneself visible” and not even where one could and should be only attentive, responsible actors and proactive, but a real terrain in which to “implant”, maintaining vital and continuous exchanges, in a logic of reciprocity that goes beyond any immediate profit, calculation or functionality.

”A di Accoglienza” – RECEPTION

“WELCOME to the person, in his working dimension”

Since 1979 more than 800 people including minors, young people and adults, with experiences of hardship and fragility behind them, have found Together with us an educational and welcoming proposal.

In collaboration with the Municipalities of the area, the ULSS Vicentine and the Ministry of Justice we have chosen to make normality a workplace, an opportunity for growth and emancipation.

”A di Ambiente” – ENVIRONMENT

“We work for the environment”.

Our initiatives are aimed at raising public awareness on issues related to the world of eco-sustainability and critical consumption, on the choice of using renewable energy and recycled materials.
You can’t imagine how much there is to recover in everything we usually discard due to lack of space or alternatives. Our work and our commitment aim to demonstrate that all goods can be valued and re-evaluated, thus returning to being useful, or even artistic.

”A di Autogestione” – SELF-MANAGEMENT


“Self-management through Reuse and Recycle activities”

Our main job is to restore value to the things we collect, which we withdraw or which citizens bring to our offices; they can be resold, restored, or recycled as secondary raw materials, making it possible to reduce waste and municipal waste. Furniture, appliances, objects, clothes, books, toys, instruments and musical and sports equipment come back to life, often better than you knew them.

How we work?

Safety in the workplace: the health and safety of workers and customers who access the places managed by Insieme have always been elements to which the cooperative has given considerable importance. New investments are made every year, both in plant engineering and in organization, in order not only to comply with the regulations but also to improve the quality of the working environment.

The Prevention and Protection Service: there is a Prevention and Protection Service which includes, in addition to the Employer (legal representative), also the external RSPP, the internal ASPP, the Occupational Doctor and the firefighters and first aid. Furthermore, the Environmental Safety Office is responsible for coordinating the protection of health and safety also through the application of an internal Occupational Safety Management System. This tool allows the various activities of the cooperative to manage the safety and health of their workers and workplaces, applying working procedures, operating instructions, monitoring and training procedures. These documents are enclosed in a “Safety Folder” present in each activity and used by the activity referents for the management of safety in the activity itself.

The constant training: every year there are more than 1,000 hours that Cooperativa Insieme invests in the training of workers and volunteers on the subject of safety in the workplace.

Discover + support a sustainable future with Cooperativa sociale Insieme

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