Anna Zhang is an Asian fashion designer currently residing in New York. In September 2022, after showcasing her latest haute couture collection at New York Fashion Week, Anna’s work received extensive coverage from major fashion media outlets worldwide, and her designs were featured in fashion magazines the Vogue China, Bazaar Vietnam + more. Celebrities such as Julia Fox, Yu Jingtian, Emma Corrin, and others have also reached out to Anna with collaboration invitations.

In February of this year, Anna Zhang exhibited her latest collection titled “A Letter to the Underworld” in New York. The exhibition was jointly organized by ANNA Z and the New York creative agency DUN DUN Agency, and took place in New York SOHO, for a duration of five days. The exhibition not only featured the highly acclaimed knitwear pieces from ANNA.Z., but also showcased Anna’s design “sketches” for the first time. The exhibits included interactive films, 3D modeling sculptures, and other contemporary art forms, providing guests with an immersive experience while narrating the fascinating brand story behind the exquisite designer pieces


How did your passion for design begin, and how does your creative process work?

I embarked on my fashion journey at the age of 18 when I participated in an emerging designer competition in Beijing. As a finalist, I had the opportunity to showcase my first “fashion project” on the runway, and it was then that I discovered my passion for design.

My creative process involves seeking inspiration from the things I am most familiar with, such as my family and the environment I grew up in. I then utilize various art forms, including in-between drawing, 3D modeling, administration making, and filmmaking, to find my visual language.

How do you think the fashion industry should support independent fashion designers more? Are there any competitions you would like to apply for?

I believe renowned institutions should establish communities specifically for independent fashion designers. While there is already a community called CFDA runway 360 catering to our needs, I hope it can offer more resources and functions to enhance communication and collaboration among independent designers.

I am planning to apply for some awards later this year, and I have also received invitations to participate from various award institutions.

Can you tell us a bit about your new references and inspirations for your garments? And how would you describe your clients’ personalities?

The concept of my latest collection revolves around the themes of “Loss” and “Remembrance,” which stem from my personal experience of losing my grandmother. I visualize these emotions and express them through my fabrications, particularly through an emotional lace that embodies my fashion language. I believe my clients will be deeply moved by it.

In a few words, I would describe my clients’ personalities as young, energetic, boundaryless, and modern. The majority of them are art school students and young professionals in advanced fields such as finance and law. They seek practical and wearable daily pieces that reflect their cool, slightly sexy character. ANNA Z’s designs fulfill these criteria perfectly.

Which garment do you think is your best-selling item?

Undoubtedly, the black knit top with embroidery, which originated from the signature ANNA Z runway embroidery jumpsuit. The top has already sold out, and I have received pre-order requests. It is exceptionally comfortable and suitable for everyday wear.

What is your long-term goal as a designer, and what is your main mission?

My long-term goal is to discover and establish my unique fashion language and target audience. I aspire to strike a balance between design and commerce. Moreover, I aim to gain more experience working in renowned global fashion brands, learning valuable skills in team management and design leadership. My main mission is to find a fulfilling path in fashion that sustains my livelihood.

Which social platforms do you find most helpful for your label?

Currently, Instagram remains the most beneficial platform for me. I receive numerous messages daily, including collaboration invitations and expressions of appreciation. This feedback greatly encourages me and assists in identifying my target audience.

Can you share any details about your next project?

My next project will continue to showcase my signature visual style and technique, which involves embroidery knit. However, it will be even more avant-garde. I plan to explore additional categories such as wovens, jersey, and other exciting elements. Simultaneously, I intend to present more captivating artworks, with hopes of exhibiting them in galleries later this year.

What are your future plans for your label?

As mentioned before, I will be introducing more daring designs based on ANNA Z’s current visual language. With increased visibility through press features and participation in offline exhibitions and events, I aspire for ANNA Z to gain recognition from prestigious global fashion institutions like CFDA. Additionally, I aim to present my brand on mainstream commercial platforms such as SSENSE and Farfetch, ultimately achieving commercial success.

Website: https://annazofficial.com

Follow ANNA Z on Instagram HERE

words + interview: Mira Wanderlust

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