FOCUS ON: ENNYE COLLECTION / A Talk with the designers about fashion sustainability

EnnyEthnic LLC is a company built from creativity and passion and the main goal is to provide unique, stylish, and hard-to-forget pieces for, and inspired by, every woman. From the ethnic-centric type, to the urban-chic, modern-classic, vintage-chic, trendy or a combination, they cater to you.  They strongly believe that style is universal, that all women shine and connect in fashion, and that there is a little of every style in each of us. That is why you will find a touch of every style in each of their pieces. They make a statement with all their pieces, no words necessary.  Most of the pieces are collectibles produced only once. So, we had a conversation with the designers about how creativity and passion breeds style and personality through ENNYE Collection.



TSCOF: How did your passion for design start and how your creative process work?
Our passion for design happened by accident. People, in the US fell in love with our clothes made in African print, from our native country of Zimbabwe, to the point where we would be inundated with questions as to where we got our clothes and where people could buy them, that we decided to start our own line. Our passion for design was then born. Our creative process starts with picking a great print from the African market, from there the print dictates the design of the outfit. After the design is completed, we then have to cut the fabric bearing in mind the direction of the pattern of the print. At this cutting stage its imperative we get the cut correct because it could easily ruin the print if not done correctly. Most of our time is spent in the cutting phase of the fabric as the print is directional. After we are done with the cutting process the sewing process is easy.
TSCOF: How fashion nowadays helps and motivate you to become a fashion designer?
There is so much freedom of expression in fashion nowadays that the sky is the limit when it comes to motivation and with the advent of social media and the vast talent that exists on this platform, so many ideas from all over the world are showcased on this platform daily. With so many platforms available to us in the fashion industry we have an infinite pool of ideas to get inspiration from. We are minimalistic in our designs because our prints are so bold and vibrant that if we were to make the designs complicated  they would certainly clash with the print, so we tend to follow minimalistic fashion trends.
TSCOF: Can you tell us a little bit about your references for the last collection?
Our last collection we showcased in Milan Fashion Week, was more glamorous, sexy and more formfitting on the female silhouette. We pulled inspiration from the 70’s for our jumpsuits, and Hollywood glam for our dresses for a more sophisticated look, which was a departure from our usual casual pieces. As a brand, we are growing, evolving and want to be inclusive to all tastes so that when customers visit our site, they will find all facets of their tastes catered to.
TSCOF: Are you sick of people talking about millennials? Do you see yourself as a designer for young people, a new generation?
We aim to dress every woman regardless of age, ethnic origin or shape. Our pieces have been worn by everyone in all age groups. Before millennials there were generation x’s, baby boomers, the greatest generation etc, the fact is that humans evolve and so should the world of fashion and that is what we strive to achieve with our brand. All generations can wear our pieces so that they can at least have one thing in common to talk about when they are wearing our pieces at the dinner table!!!.
TSCOF: How fashion competitions can change the business industry?  Will you apply at some in the future?
Fashion competitions are an essential part of the fabric of fashion in that they engage a large audience in a short amount of time, which in part helps keep fashion in the  forefront  of our society, and keeps people as a whole interested in fashion and its innovators/innovations. Its an excellent idea to be featured on these platforms and we would love to apply in the future.
TSCOF: How do you want people to feel when they wear your clothes?
Feel romantic and elegant in our glamorous and graceful silhouettes. Our stunning jumpsuits make you feel stunningly sexy in spectacular style. We want you to feel confident because our clothes are wearable poetry, and above all we want you to feel attractive.
TSCOF: What do you think it’s your best-selling piece from your last collection?
The jumpsuits have always been a hit with our customers because they appeal to all women, and the jumpsuit has been a timeless piece that has found its way into every fashion trend, over the years.
TSCOF: What do you think about the opportunity of selling your products on online platforms, you think it might be a good showcase for your work and your future?
Online platforms are great because you do not have to worry about overhead costs such as location, rent, and other ancillary costs that you would have to worry about with a brick and mortar store. The only downside to online stores is that people are still wary of buying something online that they have not had the opportunity to try on or touch and feel the fabric. We already have an online store and we do get a lot of customers.
TSCOF: What young designers need right now from fashion industry to grow up?
They need a free platform to be creative and heard. Young designers need to be included in the fashion narrative and be given a platform to participate in the conversation. The fashion industry is very difficult to break into and even more difficult to stay in, making it easier for young designers to participate and have their own free platform to showcase their creations would be vital to their growth.
TSCOF: Last song played on your Spotify/iTunes playlist? Who is your favorite artist right now and would you like to see him/her dressed in EnnYe ?
Eastside by Halsey and Benny Blanco, Our favorite Artist would have to Ammarah Brown from Zimbabwe and we would love to see her in our creations.
TSCOF: List us three favorite designers / icons who inspire you.
Alexander Wang
Veronica Beard
Oswald Boteng

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