EMPIRE Collection , designed and presented by Jordan Prince, is an independent London based brand exploring a directional modern aesthetic, perfectly channelling a clean vision of modernism, lifestyle and contemporary streetwear.

The brand is an interpretation of street culture, art and aspects of classic menswear. EMPIRE Collection focuses on fabric use and timeless silhouettes on ready-to-wear staples from jackets to trousers and T-shirts throughout our collection.

The designer, Jordan Prince, founded his design house after studying various courses in menswear fashion design and pattern cutting at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts. He then went on to work in the tailoring and fittings sector by central London’s Savile Row, widely known for its luxury bespoke classical menswear. He is also the founder of Bespoke Patterns, a production company specialising in pattern cutting and UK based garment manufacturing.


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How did your passion for design start and how your creative process work?

Jordan Prince: I have always been into art and design since I was a young kid and it naturally evolved into experimenting with fashion. Clothes is just something I was into for as long as I can remember. My creative process usually begins with a common theme or inspiration behind a particular piece or collection, and then I develop the idea until I feel satisfied with it.

Are you sick of people talking about millennials? Do you see yourself as a designer for young people, a new generation?

Jordan Prince: I really don’t think the criticisms about millennials are true. The most common I have heard is that we are lazy and depend on technology too much. There are probably more comments, but I don’t pay much attention to that debate. We grew up in a distinctive era and so we have adapted to our environment. In relation to my work, perhaps it naturally connects with young people because it’s easier for them to see my perspective. With that being said, a lady approached me after our runway show yesterday in London and she told me that one of our looks reminded her of the 60’s fashion era and it really connected with her which was amazing to hear. I don’t see myself as a designer purely for the new generation and I have made an effort lately to go beyond that which I think will become more evident with my recent work.

How do you want people to feel when they wear your clothes?

Jordan Prince: I want others to feel like they stand out and can express themselves when wearing my clothes. I want to empower the wearer and allow them to feel unique and confident.


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What do you think about the opportunity of selling your products on online platforms, you think it might be a good showcase for your work and your future?

Jordan Prince: I am totally for it. In fact, I would say any artist would be doing themselves a huge disservice if they did not sell their art through online platforms. Its great for discoverability and getting instant feedback. Showcasing my work online has definitely done huge things for me personally so it really is an opportunity as you said. We have worked with selected retail stores too which has been good for expansion, but nothing is better than having a one-to-one relationship with customers in my opinion.

What young designers need right now from fashion industry to grow up?

Jordan Prince: Support and acknowledgement for young designers is good to see. However, Fashion design is something that takes time to perfect so I think young designers should continue to develop their art and eventually things should fall into place.




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