W.BOTTLE – A big hug to the environment with your on-the-go drinking experiences.

A stylish reusable bottle is created to bring a sense of convenience  to your on the go drinking experience. Compatible with a particularly designed tea infuser.

With W.Bottle, you can make your favourite infused tea or water, by simply adding chopped fruit and spices for a touch of extra flavour. More comfortable than a mug, the W.Bottle is the best solution to take your most-liked brews on the go.

W.Bottle’s thermo products are made of high-quality, food-safe 304 stainless steel which, like the plastic also used, does not contain either BPA(Bisphenol A) or phthalates. Suitable for brewing flower, fruit tea and various beauty health teas. The large-capacity tea infuser has enough space for tea leaves to unfurl and breathe.






KREEP.: How w.bottle was born and how your creative process work?

It took us 2 years to develop and polish this water bottle to the current stage. Also because it is designed to use by fashionable people, so we spend a lot of time and money to make it look more elegant and chic. Compare with other existing water bottles in the market, we provide excellent functionality, details and authentic finishing to stand out from others. Therefore it can easily combine with any other stylish fashion, and so far we are confident to say it is hard to find any other water bottle that can go up to this level.

When I saw shocking news that the whales were killed by plastic waste and all the plastic bottles on our beautiful beach, I really wanted to do something to help this issue. It is hard to believe that the sustainable slogans or telling people about this issue would not help to prevent this matter in reality. However, I do believe people would do anything to get pretty and fashionable. Therefore I decided to make this fashionable and reusable water bottle which can be a cool fashion accessory so that it can become a one fashion trend and hoping to see more and more plastic bottle usage will be reduced.

There are a lot of people who got involved in the development of this water bottle and working with 10 different factories. I spent two years to make this bottle to make it into reality, it was truly difficult to make something unique and beautiful product.

KREEP.: How fashion industry nowadays helps to push more the co-branding concept?

We have recently start to co-branding with Marine Serre, and it was very exciting to work with them by melting down the futuristic concept of Marine Serre with our sustainable image of w.bottle. Soon, we will see w.bottle and Marine Serre bottle bag in coming season.

KREEP.: Can you tell us a little bit about why people should buy w.bottle products?

We are receiving variety of messages from our customers that once they use our w.bottle, it is very hard for them to go back and use other reusable water bottles. I guess it is about the unique design, stylish finishing and has the option for both coffee and tea lovers. Also, the concept of w.bottle is meant to build for urban daily life people so that they can easily hold and carry in their personal bags.




KREEP.: Do you see w.bottle changing the life of the new youth generation? How?

w.bottle has potential to change the life of the new youth generation, because they care about the environment more than their parents. At the same time, they care about their personal styles that they want to be different and unique in cool ways. We are trying hard to bring w.bottle up to that level as fashion accessory at the moment, so I think w.bottle will become fashion item that could keep a message of sustainable and fashion when they carry outdoor. Once the reusable water bottle becomes part of fashion trend, we will hope our earth to become more cleaner eventually.

KREEP.: How fashion collaborations can change the business industry? 

I think not all collaborations can change the business industry, only when there are mutual value added to both brands, like w.bottle collaborated with Marin Serre. It is about delivering a very important message by using and carrying around reusable water bottle is cool habit to make and at the same time saving our earth. This kind of collaboration is not just about the money, but has meaningful message for the fashion industry, and we hope to see some changes in coming future.

KREEP.: Can you describe us the experience of collaborating with major people from fashion industry?

We had wonderful experience when we collaborate with different fashion designers. They were very excited to see our w.bottle combines well with their cloth design. I guess they were waiting for an item like this, elegance, high quality function and bringing meaningful messages over their garment. Together we will create the new fashion trend to make everyone willing to carry water bottle in their daily life.




KREEP.: How do you want people to feel when they buy w.bottle?

I want them to feel it is cool to use a stylish reusable water bottle in front of their friends, colleagues or family and feeling proud to be a chic environmental warrior and most importantly I want them to feel a bit guilty when they use a plastic bottle again.

KREEP.: What do you think about the opportunity of selling your products on online platforms, you think it might be a good showcase for your work and your future?

When people hold w.bottle, they can feel the quality and design instantly. We do not need to explain too much about why w.bottle is different and better. However it is sometimes difficult to explain the quality of bottle over online platform, especially as we are a young brand at the moment. Therefore we are currently doing more and more to try and give people offline expense, so that they can spread the message and introduce more people to believe our product and go for shopping in our online platform. With more people touch and feel our w.bottle, we believe our online business will eventually get better and better.




KREEP.: What a young brand from Hong Kong needs right now to grow up on an international level? 

We have good confidence in our product and international fashion designers are willing to work with us already proven that. However we do need international media’s help to tell people that we are different and trying to help our earth in the way of fashion.




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