Mollie Jaten proposes innovative garments, born of continuous research and experimentation, with a streetwear + cozy touch. It offers a wide range of garments, always in continuous evolution and the manual processing gives the creations those peculiar characteristics of non-uniformity and particularity, so each creation is unique. Wearing Mollie Jaten’s creations is a choice of ethics + is inspired by the Beauty of Destruction. We love it, so we had a conversation with Mollie exclusively for KREEP. .


How did your passion for design start and how your creative process work?

I’m unsure exactly how my passion for design began. My family even jokes about how they never knew I could draw until I came home from college with work to hang in the house. Fashion was always an interest of mine. I took fashion courses in high school, and I believe this is when fashion turned more from a hobby to a career interest. I realized I had something to tell the world, and clothing was the medium I chose to tell it with. 

How fashion nowadays helps and motivate you to become a fashion designer?

Fashion is always changing and inspiring me, but especially now during the global pandemic I felt even more motivated to design. While the world was put on hold during the coronavirus outbreak, fashion found a way to survive and this inspired me to launch a new collection. Designing gave me hope for the future when the world was uncertain about it, and I hoped my followers felt the same when viewing my collection. 

Because of the pandemic, and the technology evolving today, fashion is moving towards a more digital world which motivates me as I know customers are online shopping. Fashion being so present on the internet and social media today has motivated me to launch my line as I know this way of selling is more accessible to customers around the world. 

Do you see yourself as an example for the new generation in fashion industry?

I do think my brand is an example for the new generation as I am personally a representation of the new generation. I design with myself in mind. If I wouldn’t wear it, would others? I really am my own customer, and I believe this has helped me target the generation I’m appealing to. I know what the new generation wants because I’m a part of it. 

I think streetwear is especially something relevant to the new generation of fashion. It’s become
“trendy” to wear sweatpants to work. I also think unisex garments are very current so I try to incorporate this concept into my collections.

How fashion competitions can change the business industry? Will you apply at some in the future?

I auditioned for the Television show “Making the Cut”, a design competition that focuses on finding a designer to sell their collection on Amazon this past year. I made it to the finals and then realized the show wasn’t for me as a designer. I didn’t want to change my aesthetic, price point, or brand identity, so that it could fit with Amazon’s platform. I think in the future I’d only participate in competitions that would allow me to be 100% me. 

I think change in the industry stemming from fashion competitions is ultimately up to the winner. If he or she uses their platform to make a change then I believe it is possible. I think the industry makes money off of these competitions, ultimately helping the business of fashion.  


How do you want people to feel when they wear your clothes?

I hope when people wear my clothes they feel confident, and cool. I want them to feel like they are the best versions of themselves when dressed in MOLLIÉ.

What do you think it’s your best-selling piece from your last collection?

My Mona Lisa shorts! 

Photography: Nicolette Cramer
Lauren Wright

Models:Taylor Ratliff, Sarah Horning, Nathalie Gratas, Julia Arcieri, Grace Arcieri, Christian Rasnake, Fiona James, Caroline Thomas, Emily Fry, Haiqi Liao


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