Photo credit: KESH X Niko the Ikon

 Multi-disciplinary artist, KESH shares a deeply personal new track today titled “Jadines Escape”. This new offering was made with the intention to be listened to loud – the outcome, an otherworldly immersive experience. The opening is made up of towering sounds of static and distorted vocals, the reverberating beat is intense and uniquely meditative at the same time. The brutalist architecture of this song is then shattered with ethereal and melodic tones and sees KESH take flight with her soaring, softly sung words. She explains further:

“Jadine is my middle name. I discovered it a few years ago in my adoption paperwork and it felt like a missing piece of the puzzle. My upbringing has been complicated and disjointed so finding something that’s been with me from birth is comforting. For me Jadine represents my softer side that’s slowly opening up to the world.

Jadine escapes from the concrete city and places herself in nature. She spends time with the mountains, waves, sky and trees to heal her aching heart.”

An acclaimed visual artist, designer and DJ, KESH’s music is the next chapter in a creative career that has always pushed boundaries. Driving every aspect of the songwriting, she writes, directs and co-produces all of her music from concept to master. Debut single, “not gaan out” was released in 2020 which The FADER described as “…an intriguing debut and one that leaves the field wide open for wherever KESH wants to go next…mixing ambient soundscapes with moments of pummeling industrial workout, she bends her voice to the ever-changing landscape to create a moment of madness...” It was also championed by the likes of Dazed, Clash, Trench, Purple and Flaunt. This year we can expect more groundbreaking music from the multi-hyphenate artist, watch this space. 

“Jadines Escape” artwork 

KESH is a producer and vocalist whose experimental beats are paired with hard-hitting rhythms and ethereal vocals to create an unorthodox,  sparse but highly intricate sound that nods to the likes of her heroes like Richard D. James and Björk. It’s a sonic journey through the darkest parts of her mind – a project about the push and pull / light and dark.  The debut track was called “Not Gaan Out” which feels weirdly prescient in this crazy period –  a soundtrack for self isolation – it was written and produced across London,  Switzerland and LA long before these events started to unfold. More broadly KESH is a DJ,  designer and visual artist who has exhibited across the globe and worked with the likes of Fenty and Vogue with a really dedicated following from all these many creative activities.

Her music has a cybernetic edge where modern technology intersects with human intimacy.  The visuals which she also created herself are eye popping collages,  nightmarish and beautiful at the same time,  pop-art like.  Visualiser for “not gaan out” here:

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