Rising Virginia rapper Al-Doms continues to build buzz with the reveal of stellar new single, Slang!  LISTEN HERE & HERE.

Having gained support from areas such as Wonderland, VIBE, 2DOPEBOYZ, CLASH and more, Slang! further cements Al-Doms as an artist to watch this year, showcasing his razor-sharp lyricism and delivery. Speaking on the track, he states:

Slang is about wanting more out of your situation and sacrificing what you feel you need to sacrifice to run your numbers up.“I ain’t got a lot, I ain’t had a lot but I want a lot and just for that I’ll sacrifice a lot”


Wise with his pen, short with his words, and loud with his wit, Al-Doms is a thoughtful lyricist out of Virginia who values the craft of rap more than what physical rewards that it brings with great success. He has experienced a lifetime of trials and tribulations that have shaped his outlook on life and his approach to utilizing his pen. He’s on the verge of taking his career to the next level, kicking off a new era in the music industry where the quality of a music’s writing matters just as much as how big it gets. 

Al-Doms represents perseverance and realization, knowing that sitting still means that you’re wasting your potential. He’s not only a visionary that thinks about the future when he raps, but he’s also a duplicity, complex, and indescribable by the common tongue. 

He discovered rap music through his sisters who had intense fascinations with rap. From No Limit, Tupac, and Jay-Z, he picked up an adoration for rap music. His musical tastes were also shaped by his mother introducing him to soul, funk, and R&B.

In 2018, he joined eleven01, a rising group of artists, models, and creatives located in New York. His recent record “Tic Toc” found success through an untraditional rollout, attention-grabbing visuals, and its introspective and tightly woven lyricism. A journey through Al-Doms’ growing catalogue reveals his skill as a writer to be that of a prodigy.

Now, on the verge of a new era in the music industry that has come from the success of his limited discography, Al-Doms is ready to relay the strengths of his writing to the global audience. Though he’s a rapper who prioritizes lyricism, Al-Doms wants for fans to discover themselves through his art, by leaving room for interpretation. He believes that when you find your purpose, as he has done, he believes that it’s his duty to service other people. Through this service, he believes that his writing will transform the game. 

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