“I’m being postmodern, before it’s fashionable.”

Tony Wilson, The Factory and The Haçienda founder and owner

Music has been a constant reference for Vincenzo Palazzo since the first Vìen collection and it is no a surprise that this is once again used as inspiration. The collection will be presented with a video during next Milan Men’s Fashion Week and it is about a very precise moment in the history of electronic music: Acid House and the baggy movement, born in Manchester between the Eighties and the Nineties.

The genesis of the movement dates back to the founding of “The Factory”, the record label of bands such as Joy Division and New Order; the latter invested their proceeds in a new club “The Haçienda”, a venue that changed the face of Manchester and the movement itself. The music was represented by alternative rock bands such as Stone Roses, Happy Mondays and Charlatans who, incorporating electronic dance into their own sound, served as a link between indie and acid house, between rock and rave culture.

VIEN Menswear SS22
Vincenzo Palazzo
VIEN Menswear SS22

In youth subcultures, as it is in Vìen’s project, music and fashion are closely connected.
Acid House style required comfortable and wide fits: baggy jeans, oversized t-shirts with the band logo, sneakers, sportswear and fisherman caps. To create the new Vìen collection, Vincenzo Palazzo was inspired by this style, while at the same time breaking the rules, because it has been mixed with refined fabrics and classic men’s tailoring. Lightweight is paired with psychedelic inspired jerseys, safari cotton and dark denim are combined in the classic trench coat, the sweatshirt is worked as patchwork with jersey and denim for multifunction tracksuit. The use is unisex and creates overlapping, interchangeable, gender fluid silhouettes.

The video that Vìen will be presenting during MFW – entirely filmed inside the Milanese (disco venue) club Magazzini Generali, that has been closed since the beginning of the pandemic – was inspired by the 2002 movie “Twenty-Four Hour Party People” by Michael Winterbottom, the doc- umentarylike movie depicting the Manchester of those years. To support the indie music scene in Milan, the original soundtrack of the video was especially created, printed on vinyl on Vìen editions and distributed as an invitation to see the video remotely on the Camera Moda website.


Vìen was born from the multidisciplinary creative project of Vincenzo Palazzo. The new wave of creativity that combines tailoring with streetwear for a wardrobe of postmodern classics. Vìen opens a discussion on the frenetic succession of collections, proposing archetypes with a timeless allure and contemporary attitude. Details of constructions as in the New Atelier. A con- scious thought on the sense of the feminine. A schizophrenic idea of male and female. Cover and discover. Mix genres and items. The character of the individual becomes an essential condition of style.

Special Thankspage1image1667296

Original Soundtrack: Zero Portrait – Babylon, courtesy of Antistandard Recspage1image3693520

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