​Made in KUWAIT, ATELIERDOLZI is a non-seasonal brand that offers a collection of Bold Blazers for all. It is the first Kuwaiti brand to be featured on Fashion Channel and The Monte Carlo Fashion Week 2020 edition under the High Patronage of H.H Princess Charlene of Monaco. ATELIERDOLZI believes in Coopetition rather than Competition.

At ATELIERDOLZI, we believe in slow fashion and ethical fashion luxury. We minimize wastage and work on pre-ordering only to be able to support local craftsmanship. All of our fabrics are sourced from Italy and are REACH Certified. We produce limited quantities every collection with no restock. Investing in one of our Blazers means investing in a unique high quality garment. But not only. It is also a platform supporting current and future Boss Ladies around the World. We want to support and help people achieve their dreams by providing them with the boost their careers need. ATELIERDOLZI offers brand collaborations opportunities during shooting campaigns and business promotions on its channels. We also provide services to help you build your online dream business.

​We design. We collaborate. We empower.

Born and raised in Paris, Dolzi is a Kuwaiti entrepreneur who travelled and lived throughout her life in multiple countries. She graduated with a B.B.A in Event Management from top hospitality school Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland. That is where she discovered her love for Blazers, a part of her daily university uniforms. A year later, Dolzi decided to pursue her interest for the Fashion industry and attended SDA Bocconi university, in Milan where she graduated with a Master degree in Fashion luxury and design management. Dolzi was always fascinated by the Fashion industry and her mother played a huge role in her love for it. In January 2020, Dolzi moved back to her home country, Kuwait where she decided to found her own brand ATELIERDOLZI: not just a clothing brand but a brand that supports, promotes and empowers others. She wanted to introduce to her home country an ethical fashion luxury collection, to educate today’s consumers about the topic of sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry.  Dolzi always say: “A Blazer is the Extra touch of your outfit. It is so powerful. You can be dressed very casually, just throw a Blazer on and watch the magic happen. It is like you’re a whole different person.”


When did you first realize you wanted to launch your own fashion label?

I always knew I was going to launch my own fashion label but I did not know when. Right after I graduated with a master degree in Luxury fashion and design management at Bocconi university in Milan, I moved back home and started all the legal procedures to set up a company. And everything went on from there.

Do you create as well customizable pieces? There is one creation, in particular, that is very important to you ?

Absolutely ! For our summer collection, with the Blamise (funky mix of a blazer and a chemise) we started offering handmade customised text sewed on every Blamise. We decided to do that to offer a unique piece of garment according to your likings but as well support and encourage local artisans in Kuwait.

We also offer custom sizes to our clients. The first satin collection is very important to me, because it is the one that has opened so many doors for ATELIERDOLZI. The colors, the fabrics, the names we have chosen it is all very emblematic of our brand’s image.

How important is youth culture to you and how your label can help more to improve your client’s acknowledgment regarding this?

Some trends often make their way back from youth movements that did have an impact on music, visual arts, politics, literature etc. This brings back regularly retro fashions in new forms that can provide us with a rich heritage that every generation can later reclaim. As examples you have Mods with their sharp suits, the punk movement with the Dr Marten’s boots and the influence of Hiphop music on fashion with sports styles that are still present today. Today, every body wears blazers, whether it is for formalwear on casualwear, a business meeting or travelling. It went from being an exclusive garment piece to a democratic one. A blazer is a piece of garment that made its debut in the 50s and today it is still present. For decades, blazers and suit jackets were synonymous with menswear. Today, women’s blazer has become a symbol of strong , put together femininity. This is something we strongly affirm.

If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before beginning your carrier what would it be?

It’s okay if things don’t always go as planned. It doesn’t mean you failed. Everything happens for a reason, timing is everything and always remember when one door closes another one opens up.

How do you want your clients to feel when wearing a your label pieces and in what occasions can be worn?

Our blazers can be worn for both daily and evening outings. It is completely up to you and your styling inspiration. The colors and fabrics we chose are bold. You will definitely be the center of attention when walking in wearing one of our pieces. This was one of our goals, you feeling confident, bold and daring. A symbol of strong women empowering each other.

What do you think is the biggest challenge for a creative in our society today?

The biggest challenge would be to create something that beats the ordinary, something unique. There is so much competition around and it has become so easy and affordable to set up a fashion brand. Some people are much concerned with making profit rather than creating a brand with a unique story, vision and mission. My advice to other future entrepreneurs: Be you, because that is your super power and nobody can take that away from you.

There is one important person, in your life, who pushes and motivates you to believe in yourself?

My family supports me in everything that I do. Ever since I started my brand they have been nothing but supportive, encouraging me to keep going and to believe in myself. Most importantly, my mother who always believed in my crazy sometimes unrealistic ideas and the one person who I thank for introducing me to the world of Blazers thanks to all her vintage iconic pieces she has kept all these years that I can rock today with my outfits.

Describe us you as a creative in your personal life and how your feelings influence the creativity process?

I am a Visionary, I dream big and envision the impossible. I believe that we limit ourselves by creating our own boundaries. We need to push ourselves to get rid of any limits, and that is when you are going to create something different, something that will stand out in its own creative way.

I design what I would like to personally wear, things I wish that were available on the market and I think that is how I end up creating unique pieces because it is up to my personal likings and not what the market offers. I always tune in with myself and let my creativity out while designing without looking at what others are doing to avoid creating pieces based on what already exists.

Would you like to involve other creatives in your future projects and what do you think is the main mission of the CO-BRANDING concept?

Absolutely, to me coopetition is better than competition. As the saying goes: unity makes strength. Together we can achieve greater things. We offer brand collaborations to local Kuwaiti brands and international ones as well in order to offer more visibility to these brands and support them, grow and learn from one another.

What is the slogan of your label?

We design. We collaborate. We empower

What are the next steps for your label, in order to grow up more?

We are constantly working on creating great unique pieces, we take all customer feedbacks into consideration and go on from there. We introduced this summer a genderless collection, making it accessible to all and one size fits all.

At the moment, we have been implementing progressively helping and supporting other entrepreneurs with their businesses by offering them brand collaborations opportunities and business consulting services to benefit from my own experience.


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