Bianca Popp opened the next day at Feeric Fashion Week with the presentation of the Inner Diva collection. The show took place at 1 pm, in the parking lot on the second floor of Promenada Sibiu.

Inner Diva, a secret cruise collection by Bianca Popp. Dresses that we would wear on the red carpet of our dreams, in a holiday of lust, in a cruise as an object of desire until the end of the world. Life in black and white, where white is day and black is night. Between them, a few colored brushes meant to remind us of the real life we want to leave behind.

Then, at 5 pm, Ramelle presented a new collection in the Golden Square. Present for the third time, at Feeric Fashion Week, the RAMELLE brand presents the I AM UNIQUE collection, a collection full of color and harmony, with a minimalist design and architectural details transposed into feminine clothing creations.This collection is about the awakened woman, who is aware of her value, of her natural beauty and lives in a state of gratitude to everything around her. Through this collection Ramona Mihaela, the creator behind the brand, invites all women to see their uniqueness, the Divine gifts they are endowed with and which they offer to the world. The uniqueness of the woman represents her power, because she is irreplaceable.

Then at 6 pm, the American brand Bisoulovely presented an impressive collection of jewelry in the Council Tower. To give magic and wonder a physical form, BISOULOVELY lovingly crafts jewelry inspired by the celestial, the magical, and the fantastic. BISOULOVELY finds sources of inspiration from both imagined worlds and natural scenic beauty to create dreamy jewelry akin to wearable magic. Each piece is made from high quality materials, frequently making use of sterling silver, 14 karat gold, and gemstones in our designs to add sparkle and whimsy to your jewelry collection. With a wide variety of whimsical treasures at BISOULOVELY, you’re certain to find a little piece of magic perfect for you.

The last presentation of the day was given by Alist Boutique Designers and took place on the top floor of the building under construction in the Station Square. Alist Designers Boutique is the project initiated by Alist Magazine, which aims to support Romanian designers. With the support of Bucharest Mall Vitan, the project has promoted over 50 Romanian brands in the last two years, and today some of them are present here, with pieces from the latest collections. Respecting international trends, while maintaining a local specificity, the creations of Romanian designers are addressed to people who love fashion, art and who have the courage to reveal their spirit, supporting innovation and talent of local producers.

Regarding the beauty direction, this year confirms the tradition of teaming up once again with Cristian Buca key make-up artist and Geta Marin key hair-stylist. Photo credits: Cornel Petrus. 

Feeric Fashion Week is organized by Mitichi Foundation and it is co-financed by The Sibiu Local Council through The City Hall of Sibiu and The County Council of Sibiu.This edition is supported by Ford, Label M, Paese and Visit.Sibiu. Access to the area of fashion shows is free and allowed to everybody willing to attend, under the restrictions of currently situation caused by SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. The events within Feeric Fashion Week 2021 will take place in compliance with the rules of physical distance, and the wearing of a protective mask is mandatory within the perimeter of the event.

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