This September marks a 5 years celebration of the remarkable Emerging Talents Milan journey and the platform celebrated it by presenting emerging talents from all over the world and their Spring/Summer 2022 collections. The platform was launched in 2016 and since then has become an integral part of the fashion scene with its commitment towards inclusivity through creative collaboration and honouring talents disposed worldwide from art to fashion industry. 

‘’Awareness – Love and passion were the thoughts that brought the platform of Emerging Talents Milan into existence at first and slowly it evolved into being a stage that celebrates transparency – honest creation and diversity.’’ – Ruslan Evseev, Creative Director of Emerging Talents Milan 

A new hope for the future

We are glad to celebrate diversity by showcasing the collections of talented designers coming from different parts of the world with the intention to experience this dynamic cultural event under the roof of Palazzo Visconti in Milan. We understand and value the changes that the world is experiencing, as well the need to celebrate individuals and their culture. We are more focused on collaboration, instead of competition and through this we aspire to celebrate fashion aesthetics of different cultures altogether, for a better future together. We take pride in every show and collection presented through our platform as it enables fashion professionals to experience the eternally elegant style of designers, whose extravagance is as legendary as their taste in art and fashion.

MARC CAIN showcased Marc Cain Collections that shows off uncomplicated ease in the Spring/Summer 2022 looks. The motto “Keep on dancing” symbolises optimism and a rekindled joy of fashion. This mood is reflected in vibrant colour combinations, innovative prints and casually elegant styles that appear luxurious yet relaxed. Meanwhile, Marc Cain Sports Spring/Summer 2022 will be influenced by casual, yet dynamic styles: they stand out with their attention to detail and sophistication. “Rethink Together” pieces, with even more sustainable aspirations, now have a constant place in the collections and are constantly being expanded.

Anamarija Asanovic Spring-Summer 2022 collection is inspired by King of High Fashion, Louis XIV, the first Royal who brought  style to Europe recognized fashion’s propaganda value as well as its economic importance, and he was deeply invested in establishing the technical and aesthetic superiority of France’s clothing and textile industries. Through prints, fashion plates, and his own oft-reproduced image, he set the standard of elegant dress and deportment throughout Europe.

“Revolutionary Hope” is the theme of the Spring-Summer 2022 collection by JYK, fashion label based in Jakarta, Indonesia, with inspiration from 70’s Punk style mixed for the first time with Batik – a traditional fabric from Indonesia. The designer, Jenny Yohana Kansil, aims for a better fashion future by using sustainable natural fabrics such as raw silk, organza silk, cottons and vegan leather made from the waste of coffee and vegetables. The batik itself is made from cotton and silk with eco-friendly colouring techniques, using areca palm fruits, the waste of jengkol ( a species of a flowering tree from the pea family Fabaceae) and mango leaves.

Nina Nayema is proud to announce its East African inspired collection ‘’Summer in the East’’ that will honour cultural tradition, birth palace and the beauty and the strength of black women. 

Nera Paris lingerie is founded with innovation in mind and passion at heart. It is crafted with high performance materials and defined by delicate details, distinct sense of style and creation with the softest and purest silk from Italy. This is a brand for women who appreciate the finer things in life. This limited edition lingerie is designed in Paris.      

The mysteries and creatures of the deep sea are the inspiration for Vitor Zerbinato‘s Spring/Summer 2022 collection. The tones chosen for this aquatic journey travel first along the seashore, with white and sand tones going to green and blue waters and ending up in fish and corals with citrus tones in red, coral, yellow and acid green.

We are beyond grateful to present the upcoming collections and would like to invite you to take a trip around the world with us.

This edition of Emerging Talents Milan Spring/Summer 2022, organized in collaboration with VIAGOLAQUATTRO and with the support of PALAZZO VISCONTI, once again showcases our continuous focus to key topics, including the support of young generations worldwide. 

Live updates from the events of Emerging Talents Milan will also be available on our social media accounts – Instagramand Facebook  

Special thanks to Emerging Talent’s official partners and sponsors: RARE WATER, VOR Make-up by Valeria Orlando, B-SELFIE, Antonio Iengo Hair Style, Taerus PR, VIAGOLAQUATTRO. 

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