This September marks a 5 years celebration of the remarkable Emerging Talents Milan journey and the platform celebrated it by presenting emerging talents from all over the world and their Spring/Summer 2022 collections. 

The platform was launched in 2016 and since then has become an integral part of the fashion scene with its commitment towards inclusivity through creative collaboration and honouring talents disposed worldwide from art to fashion industry. 

‘’Awareness – Love and passion were the thoughts that brought the platform of Emerging Talents Milan into existence at first and slowly it evolved into being a stage that celebrates transparency – honest creation and diversity.’’ – Ruslan Evseev, Creative Director of Emerging Talents Milan

A new hope for the future.

We are glad to celebrate diversity by showcasing the collections of talented designers coming from different parts of the world with the intention to experience this dynamic cultural event under the roof of Palazzo Visconti in Milan. We understand and value the changes that the world is experiencing, as well the need to celebrate individuals and their culture. We are more focused on collaboration, instead of competition and through this we aspire to celebrate fashion aesthetics of different cultures altogether, for a better future together. We take pride in every show and collection presented through our platform as it enables fashion professionals to experience the eternally elegant style of designers, whose extravagance is as legendary as their taste in art and fashion.


Emerging Talents Milan, which encompasses brands from six different countries which are: Armenia, the UAE, KSA, France, Italy and Russia is sponsored by RARE water – a premium brand of natural mineral and spring water with unique, attractive and modern packaging.

The ultramodern and fully automated RARE Water bottling plant is at the foot of the Aknaler Mountain, a part of the majestic Pambak mountain range, in Armenia. Magnificent mountains and virgin forests surround the area of the plant and there is no human activity on location and beyond its territory. Hence, the exposure to any source of pollution is null. 

RARE water adopted the innovative approach of capturing the water in the most natural way, which is not subjected to any treatment and allows the preservation of the naturally occurring minerals and its essential components. The water naturally flows through the force of gravity from the mountain down to the plant, no tanks or reservoirs are used whatsoever. 

The natural state of the captured water is preserved through the state-of-the-art equipment and factory constructed in accordance with the highest EU standards and building codes, adhering to the strict food production standards which makes the factory one of the most advanced factories worldwide.

RARE Water sponsored the fashion shows of the below brands: 


In the hands of Gianluca Alibrando, the precious fabrics take shape with a Michelangiolesque mastery, giving life to a collection suitable for all those women who want to leave their mark thanks to an elegance that amazes. The large floral decorations in satin and silk take on the appearance of flowery labyrinths, the ribbons look like butterfly wings and the sequins, like mirrors, dress the female bodies. In the same way, the rigor of the total white creations is harmoniously combined with dresses capable of shining thanks to the perfect cut and quality of the textures. From warm shades to brighter ones, the chromatic range becomes the ideal setting for a stylist who, in an impeccable way, dares with refined and unparalleled genius.


Elegance, grace and refinement are just some of the characteristics that distinguish the fashion of Gianluca Alibrando, born in 1989, a young designer who gives inimitable shapes to fabrics and fabrics. His is a journey that begins in adolescence, spent in the evocative Sicilian settings of Milazzo, perfect for organizing the first fashion shows. But the passion is great and the creativity is explosive. And here, after graduating from the Liceo Artistico, he moves to Milan, the capital of fashion: here he observes, creates, takes inspiration, experiments relentlessly, creating clothes that amaze for grace and beauty, absolute examples of a refined style, witness of a modern and contemporary elegance. His professional career progressed, obtaining the Diploma from the Burgo Institute with honors, followed by the Master in Fashion Styling at the New Academy of Fine Arts Naba and also starting an important collaboration in the film field. His creativity never pays and his skill led him, in 2013, to be invited to present one of his collections at The Look of the Year Fashion Awards, standing out among the most creative designers. His clothes are also among the protagonists at the National Chamber of Fashion in Milan and, between 2015 and 2016, he conquered the Lombard capital by opening, respectively, the Fashion Week for the Spring-Summer Collections and participating in the Fashion Week with his first Fall-Winter Collection.

After this series of experiences and successes, Gianluca Alibrando decides to return to ‘his’ Milazzo, becoming the spokesperson for a profound tradition linked to craftsmanship and the ‘Handmade circuit’: and it is here that he finds the ideal habitat to give voice to his talent that comes to life in the rooms of his atelier. Gianluca Alibrando’s is a fashion that runs parallel with time, is always current, is complete and satisfies the senses in a perfect circuit of details and refinement. His clothes, like works of art, kidnap and capture, from red to white, from perfect lines to composed and never exaggerated volumes. Creations capable of making each woman a unique and special figure, never oriented towards common standards, but projected towards a fashion that evolves model after model in the constant wake of timeless elegance.


Mae Paris ‘s Spring-Summer 2022 ‘’RELEASE’’ collection. By wearing fashion we express our view of the world. What is real in this world, when we went all digital? What is real for a woman, who follows the world’s speed, trends, duties, challenges, passions? What is her real ‘ease’ at? When she closes her eyes, what does she see? And where she wants to go?

Set free. Allow yourself to move, act, or flow freely. You are now in your free place. RELEASE. Find the realness in you and take it with you. Flowing silhouettes, soft fabrics, pastel palette. You can now be yourself – easy or sophisticated, dressed up or loose. Liberated.

The ‘’RELEASE’’ collection is inspired by the most stressful times – the beginning of the pandemic, when life was the most uncertain. Once the world went on pause, we all had a feeling of slowing down from 100 to 0 in one second, and that wasn’t pleasant. Once we had some time to process it through, step by step, we learned to slow down patiently. That is when the ideas of inner peace and liberation started to come, and once again, the search for harmony and one’s true self.

This collection tells a story of a modern woman who lives the most of what life can give her, she seizes every opportunity, follows her passions, and does hard work. She lives in a big city and enjoys it, and her wardrobe is full of one-of-a-kind pieces. But, at the end of the day she is at her ease, more real than ever, living her deliberated self, letting go of the duties and the stress. This woman is as confident and ‘her’ in a blazer suit as she is a flowing dress. Her inner freedom is her base, and ‘’RELEASE’’ is her perfect mix of pieces for any occasion.


Tatiana Kotova is a fashion designer,  Winner of the Grand Prix at the International Fashion Festival “Flood 2020”. Well known for her is custom tailoring, creative projects and her couture collections.

The inspiration of the Spring-Summer 2022 collection was the element of water, the underwater world and its inhabitants. In my images, I wanted to show the texture and shapes of corals, shells, fish, to convey depth, mystery, tranquility and at the same time the riot of the water element.- says Tatiana

The designs of some dresses were created directly on a mannequin, without preliminary cutting, from a piece of material, so the clothes can either be transformed or processed into other products.


For the Spring-Summer 2022, the brand YERISHI presents IRY clothing collection.  Lockdown has impacted the fashion industry more than most of us expected. Ever since brands which were once known for dressing up are moving in a new direction. Today, this includes Italian luxury brand Yerishi, famous for its leather made pieces; bags, wallets, cardholders. 

During the pandemic, the founder and principal designer of Yerishi, Irina Yeritsyan has launched a new clothing line, one that is focused, for the first time, on what the designer is labelling as clothing for fashionistas. The aim of this collection is to offer the customer clothing that will sync with the inner world of women. She created the collections that satisfies the demands of a picky woman while at the same time helps her to remain stylish, elegant and classy. 

“Creating clothing for women is an art that demands attention since women are unique. So in other words, my mission is to discover and emphasize the inner tenderness of women and in the meantime, make her feel safe and confident”. -says the designer.

And, the goal of this ‘IRY’ (I Remember You) collection is bigger than just offering a new toned-down take on the brand – the designer wants to reach a new audience. The line features multiwear transformers, loose-fitting separates and dresses, skirts, jackets, t-shirts and sportswear – and plenty of pieces that can be worn in different styles. However, there is still a drop of glamour injected throughout with many pieces in the collection far dressier than some of us may consider casual, but remember, this is the Yerishi’s version of casual. Ultimately, the designer believes that most other fashion houses will eventually move to a more contemporary way of presenting collections, but that they will all do it differently, based on what works for their brand.  For Yerishi, this means having a broader offering in terms of the collections, which is why they are embracing more casual designs that meet everyone’s needs.


Irina Yeritsyan was born in Yerevan, but spent most of her life abroad. She loved to surf all around the world and get the most out of life. Since she intended to be closer to international culture, she decided to continue her education abroad and moved to Budapest in 2010. She graduated from the IBS International Business School with a degree in MSS Marketing and Management. Since she loved to improve her skills in all aspects and she wished to be closer to the world of fashion, Yeritsyan moved to Milan, where she graduated from the Istituto Marangoni with degrees in Fashion and Luxury Brand Management and Fashion Design.  The designer is also a stylist who helps people to highlight their inner uniqueness and identity. 


Yerishi is a Luxury Handbag brand founded in Milan, Italy in 2015 by Irina Yeritsyan. It is a response to the fashion needs of an independent, strong and characteristic woman, aware of her femininity and determined to express it in different ways, but first and foremost through her choice of style. With the rise of mass consumption and fast fashion, Yerishi has placed an emphasis on uniqueness and high quality.


Reema Al Banna is an award winning UAE born and based designer, who was the first to set up a contemporary fashion label of its kind in 2009. REEMAMI has since grown to become recognised and celebrated for its signature architectural and experimental cuts, playful concepts and hand illustrated graphics, which showcase a passion to dress the bold, intelligent and stylish woman.

Al Banna’s interest in print was first cultivated as a graphic designer, where she developed technical expertise with a keen vision to apply this to fashion. Ambitious, Al Banna pursued her training in fashion at ESMOD. 

Al Banna’s Reemami, is the brainchild of a third culture family, for the first time ever Al Banna explores her culture and heritage through this collection, inspired from her childhood delicacies, and memories that ties her to her identity as a third culture kid. Nostalgic memories take a strong hold when coming up with the inspiration of her collection, in one of her prints she pays tribute to her upbringing and the fond memories she has of them, with food, traditional dishes, which was engraved by her family to feel a sense of belonging and freedom.

Stories that remind her of a time where little traditions play a big role such as food, love of horses and gear (saddles), and that sense of freedom. Palestinian Women refugees contribute to her collection with patchwork that is done by them and unused, creating a new life and telling their stories through a combination of the patchwork and her own designs the collection aims to raise awareness about her own culture and identity as well as the artistic work of the refugees. Transforming the familiar into fun has become Reema Al Banna’s forte. For the first time, she experiments with traditional Palestinian embroidery, which was glorified and modernized throughout the collection. Horse riding and equestrianism also played a big part in the collection in terms of the explicit cuts and details.  This season, Reema Al Banna also toys with the classic collars by creating unusual shapes that can be transformed for a fresh versatile look. She fuses avant-garde sensibilities with effortless ease to create worthy, sculptural designs to flatter.

Undertones of connectivity are once again found throughout the Reemami collection. This season, in the form of the repeated cross stitch symbol ‘X’ which has been transformed into multiple unique, fun prints in hues of pinks, greens, browns, whites and dashes of colors.  Staying true to Reemami’s aesthetic, the collection features a mix of boxy & feminine silhouettes contrasted with loose cuts seen in the black loose fit dress with white collar.  The combination of edgy cuts yet feminine touch fabrics brings a heightened sense of luxury to REEMAMI’s Pal collection.

Reema Al Banna harnesses her artistic prowess to create playful prints with a nostalgic message which ties her to her identity. Fusing the signature cuts with luxury hand sketched printed fabrics; REEMAMI’s coveted pieces have gained a global following from the likes of Queen Rania, Bella Hadid, Kelly Rowland, and many more. 

Drawing memories from what her family passed on to her, she creates a playful  collection which consists of 12 drops and pays tribute to her country that is so beloved to her. This collection hits close to home she longs to visit again one day. This is the first chapter of this collection and this story will keep unfolding in the next seasons.


With an explosion of colors, a clear nostalgia for the designer’s childhood of the 90’s, and its diverse fashion forward induction from haute couture and amped up street wear; the collection is a celebration of the good times and further celebrates the glimmer of hope for the future. 

The collection consists of pieces such as all crystal handmade tops, bell bottom pants with zippers on the side, biker jackets with zippers, gowns with patchwork, lace embellished cape and bodysuits, campy exaggerated silhouettes of jackets and gowns, a fully crystal bodysuit, gowns with the appearance of paint splatter. One of which is white and silver, whilst the other is in black. Accessories of eyes on palms which include earrings and necklaces, giving the collection an homage and feel to Arab culture. In true OTKUTYR style, some pieces were made using dead stock textiles while other materials are from Gruppocinque and the lace featured is from Jean Bracq. Both brands are eco conscious and of which we are proud ambassadors. Pieces can easily be layered with one another to give a cohesive and finished look.Once again, OTKUTYR is sponsored by RARE water. RARE water produces its premium mineral and spring waters in the heart of the Republic of Armenia.

We are beyond grateful to present the upcoming collections and would like to invite you to take a trip around the world with us.

This edition of Emerging Talents Milan Spring/Summer 2022, organized in collaboration with VIAGOLAQUATTRO and with the support of PALAZZO VISCONTI, once again showcases our continuous focus to key topics, including the support of young generations worldwide. 

Live updates from the events of Emerging Talents Milan will also be available on our social media accounts – Instagram and Facebook.   

Special thanks to Emerging Talent’s official partners and sponsors: RARE WATER, VOR Make-up by Valeria Orlando, B-SELFIE, Antonio Iengo Hair Style, Taerus PR, VIAGOLAQUATTRO. 


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