I am obsessed is a project in collaboration with the haute couture of the designer Esther Sancho Perez and Nomad_estudio.

“I am obsessed” is a collection that aims to show the obsessions, from the point of view, the interpretation and the taste of the designer who has made it. Therefore, through the collection we seek to transmit repetition, overwhelm, dominance and uncontrollability. For this reason, they are garments with a repeated element (the volentes) and have a certain volume to express the above. The entire collection will breathe fantasy and fun. In addition, it has been developed under the principles of color, volume, fantasy and fun through simple cuts but complex elaborations. Likewise, an element has been used repeatedly, the rainbow. This is because Yayoi Kusama has been taken as an artistic reference. Therefore, the rainbow reflects hope and that positive part of an obsession and is taken to the maximum.

Photography: Jessica Sembroni @nomad_estudio

Designs by: Esther Sanchez Alegre @esthersanchoo_

Styling: Paula Lobodia Bernal @paula_smcl

Make-up + hair: Zoe Garcia Sanchez @zowi.mua.nailz

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