“A learning process where a person in a non – space unconsciously absorbs experiences and makes them part of their psyche. In psychoanalysis, introjection refers to an unconscious process where one takes components of another person’s identity, such as feelings, experiences and cognitive functioning even throughout objects and transfers them inside themselves, making such experiences part of their new psychic structure.”

Photography: Mattia Cocci @tiamatico

Stylist: Jordan P Littleton @JordanpLittleton

Designs by: Kim Rey @Kim_Rey , Polimoda design student

Makeup and hair: Giulia Visaggio @badgal_mua_flowrence

Lighting: Giuseppe Terilli @_Giupiter

Fashion powered by: Kim Rey’s student collection, Quercioli and Lucherini, Bottega Veneta, and Citizen of No Place @citizenofnoplace

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