Katt De Moss started her design career in Los Angeles in 2012 and has worked for a variety of large global companies & small local brands during that time. After a great deal of thought and endless conversations, she decided to apply her knowledge of the industry and her life passions to create her own brand, GOLDIE Clothing, in Los Angeles:

I set out to create a brand that was effortless to style and beautifully versatile, all while highlighting elements of the garment that most designers and brands strive to hide. 
During my very first collection, I found myself standing in a warehouse with no air conditioning watching rows of workers sew their assigned seam, garment after garment. I circled the warehouse where I stepped over piles of zippers and buttons and weaved in and out of giant stacks of cut fabric pieces waiting to be sewn. After taking it all in, my heart dropped as the realization set in just like it has for many in our industry. I was part of the problem. I was contributing to the poor working conditions of these workers and the over consumption & pollution of our planet. I paid the sewer, took my garments and sat in my car with a heavy heart. I had to be part of the change, not the problem. So instead of turning a blind eye, I acted- I joined the change.

Katt De Moss


GOLDIE CLOTHING is inspired by the effortless beauty & golden glow of the “golden hour.” 

Goldie is created with limited, repurposed and recycled fabrics and made in-house at our Los Angeles design Studio. Our garments are made by hand, consciously sourced and designed to reduce our footprint on our planet while providing a classic and unique collection of feminine and edgy styles. Each piece is ethically curated, hand-dyed from sustainably sourced fabrics, made to order and in very limited quantities. To truly curate garments that are intimately authentic & perfectly versatile, we have intentionally exposed seams, left edges unhemmed and created dye patterns to have imperfections. Our garments are designed to be fully versatile & one-of-a-kind, to allow everyone’s individual identity and creativity to be part of the final design. We ensure there is no wrong way to wear our pieces.


How did your passion for design start and how does your creative process work?

I have always been completely fascinated and intrigued with the fashion industry since I was very young but when I started to really love the design side was when I would see my grandmother create knitted, crocheted, or embroidered pieces by hand. My mom also kept a large collection of her own vintage clothing from when she was my age which she gifted to me and would emphasize the quality aspect of each garment. I thought it was so cool that those garments lasted all these years and wanted to be part of creating something just as stunning as that.

I start my creative process by choosing my fabrics. When I find a fabric I love, immediately my mind starts racing with ideas. I map out all my thoughts into mood and color boards and sketch out all my design ideas. This is my favorite part of designing. At this stage I am the most inspired and creative because the possibilities are endless, and it makes me a better designer each time I do it.


How do you think the fashion industry is helping independent designers?

There are a lot of different channels of the fashion industry, some great and some not so good. The areas that are great, you will find people/brands and resources that care about creating a positive impact in the world. The small part of the industry that see the importance in the world impact also see the value in independent labels. It has been very motivating and inspiring to see a huge surge in the last year alone of brands teaming up to support each other, support the sustainability cause and build a much stronger awareness to our consumers of how small brands are a better alternative for the environment & local economy which has allowed independent labels to have a platform again!

Can you tell us a little bit about your references and inspirations for your garments?

I am most inspired and find a lot of ideas from the people I see throughout my daily life in LA. I will often sketch an idea that comes to mind while I’m out running errands or grabbing lunch, from seeing a detail on someone’s garment that caught my attention while they were walking past me. Everything can be inspo if you are paying attention to the right details.

Can you describe your client’s personality in few words?

My clients have a soft femme side with an appreciation for the chaotic, distressed style.

What do you think it’s your best-selling piece?

I have two that are equally my best-selling pieces: The Ines Top and the Pismo Dress. Both pieces have super cool design details and are some of my favorite garments I’ve designed.

What do you think about the opportunity of selling your products on online platforms, you think it might be a good showcase for your work and your future?

Online is a wonderful outlet for small brands. It allows the opportunity to reach clients you wouldn’t ordinarily reach in a brick & mortar store. I can curate fun events in different locations because I am not tied to a single location which allows a more intimate, exciting, and memorable experience for everyone who attends.

What does the fashion industry need more of to grow up and what can be done to better this?

The key word here is grow: Growth is about changing and evolving. The fashion industry’s formula has never changed. The best part about this industry is the freedom to be creative. Unfortunately, when an industry doesn’t grow with its people, resentment and a lack of support happens. Its OK if a company doesn’t want to participate in runway shows. It’s OK if a company doesn’t want to outsource their production but instead keep it small and in-house. The industry should support these decisions and learn why these companies landed on those choices instead of silencing the change. If we continue to remain the same, we are never growing.

What is the long-term goal for you as a designer and what is the main mission?

My goal as a Designer is to grow my company to be able to offer more employment opportunities within my community that provide ethical practices and morals. I believe it’s incredibly important to be a teacher whenever we can. Sharing our knowledge and educating others in a space that is positive will hugely impact the career path of those learning.

What are the most interesting social platforms that can help your label?

Instagram is a huge platform that I use the most, but I have recently teamed up with an amazing platform, specifically for fashion, called FASHWIRE. They highlight small brands like mine and work closely with their clients to ensure quality and transparency.

Can you tell us what the next project is?

Goldie is doing a collaboration with the sustainable swimwear label- MOKIE SWIMWEAR. Morgan Williamson is the incredibly talented, self-taught owner/designer of Mokie Swimwear who’s practices in sustainability are truly admirable, so I am excited to share this special capsule with everyone! This limited collaboration will be available this summer 2022.


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