The creation of a modern iconography, the archetype and pledge of our own ascension into heaven. The final elevation of the human nature into the contemporary condition of divine glory. Gold bodies float inside the solemn spiritual atmosphere, pervaded by intense robust light. They become figures, shaped by the religious silence.


Photography/Art director: Mattia Cocci @tiamatico
Stylist: Jordan P Littletone @jordanplittleton
Make-up + Hair: Jessica Chavez @jesschave.x + Catherine Karakas @catherinekarakas
Models: Jordan P Littletone @jordanplittleton + Kosta Dobryanski @_besisik_

Brands and Designers:

Rick owens – Bottega Veneta – – Tezenis – Margiela – Quercioli and Lucherini

Charles Cote @chqllo – Ian McDonald @i.anmorris – Terribilini Edoardo @edoterribilini

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