Curating the Best Content Across Fashion, Music, Design, Dance, Art and Contemporary Culture: . 

Curation Hour is a platform dedicated to curating the best video content across fashion, music, design, dance, art and contemporary culture. The online platform encourages film directors, productions companies and content creators to submit their latest commercials, short films, documentaries and animations within these categories. 

Curation Hour functions as a PR tool for filmmakers looking for additional visibility. Production companies and independent filmmakers can enter their work to be featured on the platform and its social media channels. The submissions scoring highest are then forwarded to the Curation Hour network  – a growing web of journalists, festival programmers and awards directors.

The idea behind the Curation Hour network is to provide film talent with the opportunity to be discovered, selected and featured across a range of festivals, awards and online media platforms. Its members are personally selected according to their field of expertise  and include names such as shots, NOWNESS, Directors Notes, 1.4, British Vogue, London Short Film Festival, A Shaded View on Fashion Film, L’Officiel Ukraine, Berlin Commercial, YouMark!, Choreoscope, Canadian International Fashion Film Festival, Fucking Young!,  Fjord Magazine, KO Review, LA Fashion Festival, Condenast, Dance Camera West, Fashion Film Fest Istanbul, Esquire, Branko Popovic, Shiny Awards, GirlTalk and Video Art Experimental Film Festival.

Founded by Niccolò Montanari, Curation Hour aims to become a home for all the great video content that is hard to place and that often doesn’t get seen. Commenting on his latest endeavor, Montanari states: 

“I have been working in promoting fashion films, music videos, art films and anything in between for several  years. First as the co-founder of Berlin Fashion Film Festival and then as publicist and festival strategist. I’m aware of how great video content within these categories often goes unnoticed;  I would like for Curation Hour to help with that and become a useful tool for filmmakers looking for additional visibility ”.

– Niccolò Montanari

Curation Hour is currently open for submissions on Filmfreeway:

About Curation Hour

Curation Hour is a platform dedicated to video content within a specific range of categories. Our aim is to provide visibility to productions across fashion, music, dance, art, design and contemporary culture. We accept independent projects, as well commercial work –  as long as it fits within one of our categories, then Curation Hour is your home. We are looking for short films, animations, documentaries and video content that make us question our understanding of society. Out of the ordinary work, extraordinary work, hybrid work that doesn’t quite fit into conventional genres. We are looking for productions that are hard to place, but that need to be seen. Uncomfortable, yet stunning. Challenging, yet hilarious. Clever, yet unpretentious.


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