— The Derek Fabulous collection celebrates acceptance, diversity, self-expression, and inclusion for PRIDE —

FACE Stockholm announces its collaboration for PRIDE with Derek Warburton, world-renowned celebrity stylist, television personality, humanitarian, and editor in chief of Gurus and Mr. Warburton Magazines. The collection is named after Warburton’s moniker, “Derek Fabulous.”

Photographer: Rowan Daly 
Makeup: Joel Sebastian using Face Stockholm 
Hair: Jaroslava Rigova | Retouch: Iidiia Berezhna

The Derek Fabulous collection includes a curated palette of colorful eyeshadows, lip colors, and a tube of Warburton’s unique mix of rainbow glitter that represents embracing the boldness of self-expression and celebrates acceptance. Warburton elaborates on what this collection means to him.

“PRIDE is a celebration rooted in standing up against those who want to extinguish the freedom to express all gender identities and sexual orientations. This collection will be a tribute to those who have stood up for true self-expression and the allies that have stood beside them.”

Derek Warburton

Warburton has built his brand on his deep commitment to giving back to his community. Having been a homeless teen, his success has only strengthened his ongoing commitment and fundraising efforts aimed at helping at-risk LGBTQ+ youth. Warburton and FACE Stockholm will be donating 100% of the profits to GLSEN, an organization founded by teachers who recognize the role that educators play in creating affirming learning environments for LGBTQ+ youth. GLSEN focuses on activating supportive educators and centering and uplifting student-led movements, which have powered initiatives like the Day of Silence, Solidarity Week, and more.

“Positive representation of LGBTQ+ people makes all the difference for queer and trans youth facing discrimination in their everyday lives. “We’re glad to partner on a collection that celebrates and affirms LGBTQ+ individuals and encourages everyone to express their unique style. In the face of political attacks that try to erase and stigmatize our community, it’s more important than ever to remind all LGBTQ+ people that we deserve to feel confident, beautiful, and seen, no matter what.”

said GLSEN Executive Director Melanie Willingham-Jaggers (they/she).

FACE Stockholm is celebrating 40 years this year as a female-owned makeup and skincare company founded in Stockholm, Sweden. Their values have led them as people and as a brand from its inception. FACE Stockholm built itself on self-expression and individuality, clean ingredients, and sustainability. Those tenants have enabled the company to continue as a self-directed independent brand for forty years. This collaboration recognizes the progress in inclusivity, diversity, and the acceptance of people living and loving freely and expressing their most authentic selves while also acknowledging that there is still more work to do.

“Today, we see an alarming amount of new legislation and bills introduced to restrict LGBTQ+ rights. We take this opportunity to support our LGBTQ+ friends, colleagues, family, and all those who will be hurt or diminished by these laws. At FACE Stockholm, we say Gay and are proud to celebrate PRIDE with Derek Fabulous,”

said FACE Stockholm founder Martina Arfwidson.


Describe Derek Warburton in a few words. 

Derek Warburton: Media entrepreneur, humanitarian, aspirational thinker, shopaholic, full of love.

Do you think your new collaboration with Face Stockholm, DEREK FABULOUS, has some part in opening minds in the fashion and beauty industry? How?

Derek Warburton: For starters, one of the reasons I love being in the fashion and beauty industry is that it attracts people who have open minds. I think creative people tend to be more open-minded. Unfortunately, in the last few years, we seem to be digging deeper into one-sided beliefs. Because this line celebrates not only the LGBTQ+ community but also a tribute to our allies, it reminds us that we can embrace our way of life and still be inclusive to others.

Does the idea of being the new testimonial of Face Stockholm should reinvent the beauty concept worldwide as an invitation for more people to be what they want to be, without any prejudice? 

Derek Warburton: I don’t think we are reinventing the wheel, I think we are putting our own colorful spin on it. I live my life on purpose and I don’t create brands without purpose. I love FACE Stockholm because they were green before anyone knew what that was, they were a female owned business before women even worked outside of the home and they believed in equality before the stonewall riots.

Also, when we came together and I said I wanted to give 100 % of my part of this collection to education and to protect LGBTQ+ children, they agreed to do the same. I don’t know many companies that would go into business with someone and donate all proceeds. FACE Stockholm did that knowing we will be able to build a bigger business on loving our youth and protecting them. Those are our clients of the future and they will always want to be DEREK FABULOUS in FACE Stockholm!

How is DEREK FABULOUS changing your perspective as a creative director and celebrity stylist? 

Derek Warburton: I have been a form of DEREK FABULOUS for a long time now, which is why I have such loyal clients, friends and followers. I always show up for you and I always take great care. But I don’t care if you are starring in the latest blockbuster or an abused mother of 3, I find great joy and fulfillment in making my muses feel good. 

Photographer: Rowan Daly 
Makeup: Joel Sebastian using Face Stockholm 
Hair: Jaroslava Rigova | Retouch: Iidiia Berezhna

What does a normal day in your life look like and how important is beauty routine?

Derek Warburton: I get up between 4am and 5am to go boxing. Then home by 7:30 and play with my maltipoo puppy named Ollie. Talk to my team in the Philippines, Russia and Eastern Europe and then work on clients, shoots, talk to journalists and colleagues. Oftentimes lunch out and then more of the same. By 4Pm, it’s morning in the Philippines again and back on with the team til dinner and out and about.  

What’s your favorite thing about living in Los Angeles?

Derek Warburton: My favorite thing about living in Los Angeles is that tonight we are at a movie premiere then we hike for 9 miles in the morning and off to the beach for the afternoon. Then dinner in Beverly Hills and then  off to Palm Springs the next morning for the weekend. Plus there is nowhere else in the world currently that you can live that can change culture as quickly as Hollywood. 

Photographer: Rowan Daly 
Makeup: Joel Sebastian using Face Stockholm 
Hair: Jaroslava Rigova | Retouch: Iidiia Berezhna

What’s your one-must have travel item?

Derek Warburton: My must have travel item is toner. I am constantly spraying myself with toner. My favorite is the Caudelie. I always buy the sample size from Sephora and it’s so easy to carry even in the smallest bag. 

How do you see  LGBTQ rights after all these years and what more can be done for a society where people should be exactly what they want to be? 

Derek Warburton: It all starts with education and stops blaming people for not knowing. Teach through love and example. Nothing closes a door like accusations of ignorance. Show patience, love and acceptance and you will find that eventually through patience people will turn around. I do not think that is always the case but I try my hardest to start with that concept and then move on according to progress. 

How did you overcome the challenges to be where you are right now? 

Derek Warburton: This is a tough question, each challenge is unique and sometimes takes great care to overcome. But mostly I would say hard work, extreme focus and unrelenting ambition. I have made many decisions that have made it more difficult for myself but as time goes on I have learned that I have made the right choices.


”What I used to label as “failures” I have renamed as “opportunities for growth”.  If you take the opportunity to learn from a so-called failure it isn’t a failure at all. It is a win for the future.  When I sit with clients and explain my process I express that marketing is only effective through layering, because one lead brings you to another and then eventually a barrier is broken to another level. Consistency is king.”

What do you expect for a fabulous future? Is there any news secret you want to share with us?

Derek Warburton: I expect to keep building and creating in the future. I am always looking to run my businesses effectively and be able to spend more time on creative business. My passion is being a storyteller whether it’s through clothing, makeup or any one of my creative platforms. That will never end. The only big secret I can reveal is to expect the unexpected! 

Photographer: Rowan Daly 
Makeup: Joel Sebastian using Face Stockholm 
Hair: Jaroslava Rigova | Retouch: Iidiia Berezhna

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