Reality bites is a movie from the 90’s. We live in an age where the bites of reality afflict the entire planet and we decided to talk about it in our own way. The collection does not really have much to do with the movie, aside a couple of 90’s inspired looks, but it reflects our path and experiences in creating this collection: the difficulties of being an ‘independent ’brand in today’s fashion world, dominated by cynicism and marketing strategies, so far away from what happens in the streets. We deepened our “punkindness” concept (kind punk which is more effective than violent punk) by mixing a raw aesthetic made of industrial sewings, safety pins, unfinished hems and graffiti with a more gentle and naive one made by embroidery, ruffles, hand written fabrics that look like children notebooks, hand printed apples made with a real apple and a color that smells like the fruit itself.

The final result is what’s between the Sex Pistols and Holly Hobbies.

Aside from the ‘bites’, realness is the other key word. Everything in the collection is ‘real’, starting from the deadstock upcyled garments and leftover fabrics to the choice of the models, all friends and fans of the brand that complete the styling with the accessories that they use every day to define their true identity. Our story talks about difficulties and enthusiasm: a challenge to do the best with what we have. It’s when you have scarce means that creativity gains a main role.


PHOTO CREDITS: Luca Condorelli

Regia: Maki Macchiavello – Nicholas Boscarello

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