Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma (ABA Roma) presents the final work of 14 student designers who, on the occasion of Altaroma, will show a capsule collection ranging from 5 to 8 total looks – both men’s and women’s – to the insiders.

A new important feature of this edition is the partnership with the Parisian school of fashion and design: the École Duperré Paris which is specialized in training young designers in the fields of fashion, textile design, ceramics, environmental design and graphics.

A moment of exchange and internationalization in the name of handmade and high craftsmanship.

COUTURIALISM is in fact the name of the project – supervised by professors Sara Chiarugi, Alberto Moretti and Graziella Pera – that aims to tell the idea of a new aesthetic and thought current, which brings together the 14 young and new designers of

ABA Roma and their Capsule Collections, characterized by a new and innovative vision of fashion, tailoring techniques and the exaltation of the handmade, as the expressive and cultural identity of each student.

Clothes and accessories representing the celebration of artisanal and artistic techniques, combined with a solid fashion education, acquired by the students of the last year of the Three-year and Two-year course as part of the Fashion Design Course of ABA Roma, who are called upon to tell their personal and identity-based vision of fashion.

A course of study, where the history of art and fashion are the foundations of the educational path.

Born more than a decade ago, ABA Roma’s Department of Fashion Cultures and Technologies represents a landmark in the scenario of state fashion education and today is one of the Academy’s addresses with the most enrolled students.
Students, in fact, take courses in Fashion Design, Costume Design, Tailoring Techniques, Accessory Design, Textile Design, Textile Culture, Artistic Anatomy, Photography, Graphics, Fashion Material Culture, Fashion Setting, Fashion Design, Illustration.

However, artistic contamination is the distinguishing element of a path where each student, alongside fashion training, can freely follow the classical artistic disciplines that are typical of the course of study of a fine arts academy.
Thus, students are offered the opportunity to take courses in painting, sculpture, set design, and this generates a true cultural contamination that is invariably reflected in the collections presented on the catwalk, featuring the Academy’s multidisciplinary approach.

The 14 designers selected by ABA Rome are: Federica Bettelli, Amanda De Simone, Chiara Guerzoni, Gabriela Jaramillo, Clementine Leoncilli, Emiliano Marinelli, Federica Ognibene, Palina Strepetava, Yawen Sun, Maria Chiara Totti, Chiara Volpe, Wanjing Ye, Haniyeh Zarei, Dian Zhuang.

Sara Chiarugi, Alberto Moretti and Graziella Pera, project supervisors: “This year’s participation in Altaroma again wants to be an opportunity for visibility and celebration to tell the creativity and strength of our young designers: a fashion attentive to haute couture, new stylistic and aesthetic frontiers, and an open and casual vision on gender fluidity without rhetoric, but with pragmatism and innovation, in a merry-go-round of images, emotions and feelings, balanced between reality and dream. COUTURIALISM represents an opportunity to peer inside, bringing out one’s innermost thoughts and emotions, to give body to the ghosts and imagery living in everyone’s intimacy, in a path that – through the passion for creating clothes – makes it possible to question one’s identity. Fourteen collections, entirely designed and made by the students, in which there is a strong connection with everyone’s deepest feeling, their thoughts, their interiority.”

The show will be opened by the 15 designers from École Duperré Paris who will each walk the runway with their own look.

Founded in the second half of the 19th century and intimately linked to the French movement for the emancipation of women, it is now a public school, under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, the French Ministry of National Education and the City of Paris.

Cecilia Casorati, ABA Roma’s Director: “We are extremely happy with the close collaboration with École Duperré Paris, an excellence in design and fashion education that opens up new opportunities and professional challenges for our students. The Department of Fashion Cultures and Technologies has become, without a doubt, one of the cornerstones of our educational offerings, counting a growing number of enrollments each year, proving an educational strategy that rewards creativity without forgetting the need to confront the world of work and the needs of the market.”


One of the oldest academies in Italy, founded in the early 17th century and taken as a model for similar institutions that would arise numerously in our country and throughout Europe, the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma is today one of Italy’s most important public institutions.

The ABA Roma is now one of the primary seats of higher education, specialization and research in the arts and enjoys full teaching and administrative autonomy. It therefore falls under the university sector of Higher Education in Art and Music (AFAM) and can grant academic degrees at the first level (bachelor’s degree) and second level (master’s degree).

Among its most notable alumni and teachers: Sartorio, Cambellotti, Ferrazzi, Mafai, Ziveri, Fazzini, Scialoja, Gentilini, Kounellis, Pascali, Tirelli, Nunzio, Ceccobelli, Pizzi Cannella, Dessì, and Canevari.

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