COSTOLO is a luxury fine jewelry company specializing in both custom pieces & modern product lines. Inspired by nature’s elements, our mission is to innovate the sustainability of the industry.

We design with an appreciation for the planet that provides these precious materials, and make everything with tremendous care in Los Angeles. Your piece will last a lifetime. Our mission is to educate people on the differences, but more importantly, the similarities between created and mined diamonds. Allowing each customer to make an informed decision about which diamond (created or mined) they would like to use in their COSTOLO piece.

Female founder Rose Costolo sees this as the primary method to effectively incorporate created diamonds into the exclusive, high jewelry market. Rose believes wholeheartedly that love exists within each piece of jewelry she creates. She works in partnership with the Angel City Jewelers and is a certified professional by the Gemological Institute of America.


Can you tell us a little about your childhood cultural background and when did you decide to become a jewelry designer?

I grew up in a very entrepreneurial family. I always knew I was going to start my own business and that that would be my way. I was raised to be an independent thinker and to be excited by the ability to bring something new into the world. I didn’t always know it would be jewelry. The moment I realized that the business I would create was going to be in jewelry was when I realized how fulfilling my days spent working  in the district were. Everything was about love in some form – and the production industry has a ton of room for innovation. I quickly went from being curious about the industry to being completely consumed by it.

We know your jewelry pieces are handcrafted and this is very important for a slow-fashion industry. Can you tell me how you decided on this approach and how many people are in your team?

I decided on the handcrafted approach because I fell in love with my day to day life working in production. The relationships I have made with jewelry engineers from all over the world feed me intellectually every day. A lot of brands outsource production, but it has been my favorite part of creating this brand. I am a control freak about the quality of my work, and communicating directly with jewelry engineers allows me to give each piece the attention, care, and time it deserves in order to be its best. A long term goal of mine is to innovate the sustainability of jewelry production, and I believe in order to do that I need to intimately learn the ins and outs of how something is made.

What about education in the jewelry industry? Do you think is important before launching your own jewelry brand and why? 

I think starting with education in the industry is the only way to successfully launch your own brand. Through learning and working alongside others, you form incredible connections which end up carrying you through the journey as you start off as an individual entrepreneur. 

Will there be any possibility in the future to see jewelry workshops in person or online with COSTOLO?

Yes! I am privileged to work with some of the most incredible metal smiths and jewelry engineers in Los Angeles and I would love to show them off. I am working on ways to incorporate content of the production process in my public facing company. 

How would you describe your style of jewelry and the women who buy them? 

Everything that I make is intended to be a wearable work of art. My goal is to make pieces that you can’t find anywhere else, and that make you feel connected to the planet that provides these precious materials. I want the people who wear my pieces to feel like they found something that represents the uniqueness of the person they decorate.  

What’s your favorite place where you feel more inspired? 

Anytime I am near the ocean I feel inspired. I believe that humans are recharged when in or around a body of water – that’s what gives me energy. 

How challenging is the business part for a jewelry brand like yours?

It’s challenging! I have definitely had to quickly adapt and pick up skills such as accounting etc as an independent entrepreneur in order to run my business. From that standpoint I love my work because in order to be successful I have to be constantly learning and prepared to pivot. That keeps me stimulated.

What’s next for your brand? 

Next I want to focus on having precise control over where all of my materials come from. I have the luxury of project management and being selective about the actual materials I use, (ex Impossible Diamond vs. Mined Diamond) but there is so much more to sourcing – and I want my brand to be on the cutting edge of sustainable sourcing in every way. I also aim to incorporate AI technology into my website so that shoppers can get the essence of a piece in the ever growing world of e-commerce. 

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