The untaught art of lying, of finding sparks and turning them into wildfires just for the fun of it. The pungent taste of sharp words, the exciting wait popping on the tip of the tongue like fizzy candies, the ecstatic feeling of finally spitting them out. An agent provocateur, untouchable at first glimpse, but nothing more than a pretty impostor in goofy corporate clothes once you met them. There’s an unspoken pleasure about standing on the unpopular side, basking in disapproval and collecting angry gazes; it takes insolence and foolery and pride, but it’s all worth it if they’re going to remember. Are you going to get mad? Are you going to argue? Scream at me, that’s all I want.

CREATIVE DIRECTOR & STYLIST: Tamara Fontana, @tmr_fff

PHOTOGRAPHY: Arthur Buoso, @androgino.alchemico

MAKE-UP: Chiara Capolupo, @chiaralupomakeup

MODEL: Mira Pantera, @pyotr_elf

LOCATION: Espacio Elle Studio @espacio.elle

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