The SOVA jewelry house has reflected the symbol of Ukrainian identity in the new collection of KALYNA jewelry

Freedom-loving Ukrainian women in the new KALYNA collection from SOVA

SOVA gives the symbol a new, modern sound. Coral berries descend in unusual clusters of ornaments, like a curl of a viburnum vine.

The collection includes 12 pieces of jewelry in white and yellow gold. The KALYNA flagship is a rigid necklace that gently wraps the neck, and branches with coral viburnum clusters lower to the heart. Collection has universal pendants that can be supplemented with one of three velvet ribbons to choose from — red, black, or pale pink.

Red berries are united in bunches, just like Ukrainian women stick together to be even stronger. Their branches are not arranged in perfect lines, but look in different directions, reflecting Ukrainian love of freedom and intransigence.

KALYNA became a reflection of strong Ukrainian state and each Ukrainian woman, struggling and supporting. Therefore, with the release of the collection, SOVA presents a collaboration with the global fundraising platform UNITED24 in support of Ukraine: limited linen ribbons with the inscription UNITED24 can be purchased together and join the collection for medical needs. In connection with the increase of the number of victims, Ukrainian doctors face an urgent need for external fixation devices, therefore, the goal of cooperation is to purchase 120 sets of EFD, which will provide today’s doctors demand.

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